Why Prestashop One Page Checkout Extension is Important?

The demand of the hour is for Prestashop One Page Checkout Extension for eCommerce websites. In the era of online commerce, shopping cart abandonment is a growing affliction. Customers also load their carts with goods from the stores, then leave just as it’s time to check out. In fact, things have grown so bad that more than half of the shoppers abandon their carts before making a purchase, leaving billions of dollars worth of goods on the shelf each year.

prestashop one page checkout

As a result, online store owners have employed a number of strategies to combat cart abandonment. This includes sending emails to customers reminding them to make a purchase and providing money-back guarantees. Even enough money has been spent by store owners to retarget clients. Thus, nothing appears advantageous. As a result, business owners are switching to the Prestashop One Page Checkout plugin, a new checkout technique.

Reduced cart abandonment is a result of one page checkout. Although there are a number of platforms that offer Single Page Checkout Modules, we suggest Knowband Prestashop One Page Checkout Extension. 

key feature of one page checkout

One page checkout extension for Prestashop

Prestashop One Page Checkout Extension is useful for eCommerce companies since it enables a single page checkout during the checkout process. Additionally, the module enables customers to finalize customer’s orders using social login services like Facebook and Google.

Prestashop One Step Checkout has the following benefits in the checkout process:

The module provides guest checkout

Due to the guest checkout option provided by Prestashop One Page Checkout, consumers are able to complete their purchases quickly and easily. Additionally, Prestashop One Page Checkout supports both the option for new customers to create an account and the Login for existing customers. This option is enabled or disabled by the store admin from the back office.

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The single page checkout for Prestashop allows social login

The extension enables users to sign up or log in using their Facebook or Google account. This saves up time of the users which is lost in the registration steps.

Supports and provides methods for payment and shipping

Prestashop One Page Checkout includes almost all payment options, giving customers a wide range of options to consider when completing a purchase. Additionally, Prestashop One Page Checkout provides a number of shipping options that work with almost any delivery service. The admin is able to configure the payment and shipping options from the backend.

Three layout design types:

One Page Checkout has One-section, two-section, and three-section layout designs available for checkout options. As a result, the admin is able to create his or her own structure and choose the ideal option for the checkout page.

prestashop opc features

Statistics on abandoned checkout offers

The store owner benefits greatly from Prestashop One Page Checkout. This function assists in keeping track of the percentage of completed checkouts, the number of abandoned checkouts, abandoned revenues, the number of orders, and the revenue from those orders. Additionally, store administrators are able to view a graphic comparison of abandoned checkouts and orders as well as abandoned revenue and order revenues. The administrator is able to select and view details for a specific day, week, month, or even year in order to access the graphical information indicated above.


Report on offers checkout behavior

One benefit of the Prestashop One Page Checkout Extension is the ability to view the behavior report. This enables the online merchant to clearly understand how many fields the customers or clients have filled out. Additionally, this gives the admin a clear sense of which phase in the checkout process the customers abandoned their carts.

The Prestashop one page checkout module allows product quantity updating from the checkout page

Customers are able to effortlessly update their cart with this module without visiting the product page again from the checkout page itself.

Some additional features offered by the Prestashop One Page Checkout Extension include:

  • As the module eliminates pointless stages from the checkout process, it becomes simpler for customers to complete their checkout process swiftly. Additionally, this extension consolidates all the checkout stages onto a single page.
  • The Prestashop one-step checkout module gives customers a simpler, more streamlined buying experience and raises the website’s conversion rate as well. Additionally, it streamlines the entire checkout procedure.
  • The responsive one-step checkout extension for Prestashop works with carriers. When selected, an iframe or pop-up is displayed.

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