Core Features

Sale-pushing features of One Page Checkout addon
Easy to Install & Configure
Our One Page Checkout offers easy installation and integration with your website without any coding efforts
Social Login - Google & Facebook
Allow your customers to login with popular social media options and reduce chances of failed logins
3 Layout Checkout Designs
Choose the best design for your checkout page from 3 different layout designs and enhance your customers' experience
Customizable Cart Summary
Our One Page Checkout module provides full control over customization of the Cart summary on the checkout page
Supports Major Payment Methods
One Page Checkout addon supports nearly all the major payment methods which gives a variety of options to your customers
Compatible with Major Shipping Services
Our One Page Checkout addon is compatible with almost all the major shipping services
Custom Fields
Add as many custom fields as you want on the checkout page and collect additional information from your customers
Test Mode
Review the changes done with this mode before making them live on your website

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  • Single Page Checkout module
  • Single Page Checkout module
  • Quick Checkout addon
  • Quick Checkout addon
  • Quick Checkout addon
  • Quick Checkout addon
  • Quick Checkout addon

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One Page Checkout Module

An optimized and fast checkout enhances the checkout experience of the customers and brings you more conversions. The Quick checkout module replaces the default checkout process of your store with Fast and Responsive One Page Checkout. It incorporates the whole checkout process on a single page and makes the checkout easier and faster for the customers. No need to fill out lengthy forms. By simplifying the checkout process, the Fast checkout extension helps in reducing the cart abandonment rate of your online business and enhances the overall conversion rate.

The One Page Checkout extension offers some amazing advanced features like Guest Checkout, Social Login, Customizable Checkout Fields, Customizable Design Layout, etc which provides your customers a better checkout experience and makes the checkout smoother. The One Page Supercheckout helps you provide your customers with a hassle-free experience to your customers. If you want to increase the conversion rate then you must get One Page Checkout Extension for your online store.

Features of the One Page Checkout extension:

  1. 1. Customizable Design Layout:

    The One Step Checkout module offers an attractive design layout that can be easily customized. You can either choose a 2-column layout or 3-column layout for the checkout page. It allows you to set the proportions between the columns. You can even re-arrange the checkout blocks by simply dragging and dropping. The User-friendly back end customization options make it very easy to design the checkout layout according to your needs and requirements. You can also add HTML content as blocks on the checkout page from the Design tab.

  2. 2. Guest Checkout:

    Nowadays, many customers hesitate to share their details on an eCommerce website. Guest checkout is the perfect solution for that. With the One Step Checkout Extension, you can allow your customers to login and place the order as a guest on the checkout page. The customer doesn't need to log in or create a new account on the website to make the purchase. He can simply select the Guest checkout and can place the order. Along with the Guest checkout, your customers also have the option to create a new account on the checkout page or login to their existing accounts.

  3. 3. Multiple Shipping and Payment Methods:

    The Responsive One Step Checkout provides the customers with a variety of options to choose from to make safe payment. The extension supports almost all the major payment methods so that the customer can choose the best option. Along with the payment methods, the Single Page Checkout extension is compatible with nearly all the major shipping services.

  4. 4. Social Login - Facebook & Google:

    Social Login is the most convenient way nowadays as the user doesn't have to fill lengthy registrations forms to login to the website. With the Quick checkout module, your customers can easily and quickly login through Facebook and Google from the checkout page. With the Social login, your customers don't need to remember another login credentials to log in to your website. To set up the Social login to the checkout page, you need to enter App ID and App Secret Keys.

  5. 5. Customizable Cart Fields:

    The Simplified Checkout extension offers easy customizations for the cart fields and blocks. You can hide or display various fields on the cart summary including product image, name, quantity, price, cart, total, voucher input. You can also mention the dimensions for the popup image. These customizations can be done for guest customers as well as for logged-in customers from the back end of the Quick checkout extension.

  6. 6. Quick & Easy Installation:

    The Fast checkout extension is very easy to install and configure. It doesn't require any advanced coding efforts to get integrated into your eCommerce store. The store admin can check the user manual of the One Page Checkout or talk to our development team to install the extension for free.

  7. 7. Mobile Responsive:

    The One Page Supercheckout offers a responsive checkout layout and works fine in all the devices. It is a desktop, tablet, and mobile responsive. If your customer wants to check out and places an order from his mobile device, he can do it without any problem. The smooth and fast interface of the One Step Checkout module allows him to quickly place the order from the mobile device.

  8. 8. Test Mode:

    If you want to check the modifications you have done to your checkout page, you can check them with the Test mode. This feature allows you to check and review all the modifications you have done on the checkout page before making them live on the website. You need to enable the Supercheckout Test mode from the General Settings tab from the back end of the One Step Checkout Extension in order to use it.

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