What is the Prestashop Store Locator Module all about?

Prestashop Store Locator Module displays a store locator on the store. Users may verify the availability of a shop, may locate a nearby shop, and can pick up their purchases. The Prestashop store locator addon enables business owners to provide consumers with a pickup option. Thus, the merchants can display the location of their store on a Google map. Also, shoppers can get location information as well.


The Prestashop store pickup module is very customizable. Furthermore, allowing the store owner to display a variety of information. For instance, proximity, contact information, and store hours. A user-friendly dashboard is provided by the Prestashop Google Maps Store Locator plugin. This Prestashop in-store pickup addon is simple to set up for the administrator. In addition, the Prestashop pick-up module supports several languages.

This blog talks about the various benefits of the Prestashop Store Locator Module by Knowband. Further, you will be able to understand the benefits of the plugin for the admin and the customers.

Prestashop Google Maps Store Locator plugin perks for the Admin

  1. With this Prestashop in-store pickup addon, business owners may offer consumers the option of picking up their orders in-store.
  2. By simply toggling a button, the store owner may enable or disable the Prestashop pick-up module.
  3. The business owner may turn on the store finder and pickup option with ease.
  4. The Google map API key may be readily generated by the shop administrator.
  5. The business owner may use the PrestaShop store locator and pickup extension to configure a picture as a Google map marker and the map’s zoom level.
  6. The distance measurements can be adjusted by the vendors in either kilometers or miles.
  7. The Prestashop store pick-up plugin allows the store owner to select which stores should appear on the Google map. In addition, the default storage can also be chosen by the administrator.
  8. The shop owner has the option of displaying the store’s contact information.
  9. The PrestaShop Store Locator module allows you to display a link that says “Get Directions.” Users can verify the route for reaching the shop by clicking on this link.
  10. The Prestashop store locator add-on allows you to display website links on your business’s Google Maps geolocation. Further, Shoppers may also view the website URL along with other store details.
  11. The shop admin can display the store picture in the store locator block’s store list. The Prestashop store locator module allows you to activate or disable the opportunity to reveal or hide the store picture.
  12. While launching the store pickup functionality, the Prestashop store pickup module enables the store admin to implement country constraints.

Merits of the Prestashop Store Locator Module for Customers

  1. Shoppers will surely be able to determine the position of the nearest stores.
  2. In fact, if they want to, they can acquire the order effect. Further, they can pick up their orders at the store if the admin allows it.
  3. Customers may check out all of the nearby stores. Furthermore, if the store is near to where they are now, they can acquire their things there.
  4. Customers may choose from a faster product delivery option with the Prestashop Google Maps Store Locator plugin.
  5. Shoppers do not have to pay for shipping if they opt to pick up their product at a nearby location.
  6. Buyers may zoom in and view the position clearly on Google Maps using the Prestashop store locator and pickup addon’s zoom capability.
  7. Shoppers may quickly get routes to the business by clicking on the “Get Direction” link. They can use the Prestashop store pick up plugin to assess the proximity between stores.
  8. On the shop search page, buyers may quickly reset the substitute.

In the End

The Prestashop Store Locator Module by Knowband allows the customers to physically pick up their products from a store. This module is compatible with Prestashop One page supercheckout by Knowband. In fact, it saves them from paying the delivery charges. Thus, it is a win-win for them both. Let us know about your queries and doubts at [email protected].

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