8 Checkout Page Strategies to Improve Conversion Rate

It is no secret that the checkout page is the deciding page where the customer finally decides whether he going to purchase the product or not. If the customer has come to the checkout page then it means he seriously wants to buy the product. But if he leaves the website from the checkout page without completing the order then there is something wrong with the checkout page.

If so, then the conversion rate of your business will be decreased and you will get less successful orders and more abandoned carts.

To improve the conversion rate, you need to pay close attention to improve the checkout process and make it faster and easier for the customers. In this article, we will be discussing top checkout page strategies that will help you to improve the overall conversion rate of your online business. Let’s get it started.

1. One Page Checkout: If you want to simplify your checkout process, decrease cart abandonment rate, and improve the conversion rate then One Page Checkout is the perfect option for you. With One Page Checkout, your customers can fill in all the details from a single page. They can even review the details easily without loading multiple pages.

You can try Knowband’s One Page Checkout module which replaces the default checkout of your online store with a quick, responsive, and optimized One Page Checkout. The addon is available for the following platforms:

Prestashop One Page Checkout addon

Opencart One Page Checkout Pro extension

Magento One Page Checkout extension

2. Don’t Force Users for Account Creation: According to research, more than 50% of users don’t like to create a new account on a new unknown eCommerce website. You can offer guest checkout or log in with social accounts option to let the users place their orders without creating a new account.

3. Add a ‘Print Order Summary’ option: After the customer successfully places his order, you must give him an option to ‘Print his Order Summary’ so that he can use it while reimbursement or order return or to show to somebody else.

This option will help to win customers’ confidence and trust and will enhance their shopping experience.

4. Display Recommended Products to Increase Sales: Most of the eCommerce websites display ‘Products Bought Together’ on the product page of the website or on the cart page. You can also display recommended products on your product pages to boost your sales.

5. Avoid Additional Hidden Charges: Most of the customers leave the cart abandoned if they see an additional hidden cost of the product which was not there on the product page. Avoid charging a hidden cost for the product and try to display the whole cost of the product on the product page itself so that customers don’t get surprised with additional charges.

6. Provide Option to Increase/Decrease Quantity: Provide an option to increase or decrease the quantity of the product on the checkout page itself. This way, the users can easily add more same items from the checkout page or can reduce the quantity according to their comfort.

7. Display a Product Video: Highlighting every possible necessary detail of the product on the product page is a great way to engage the customer and win his confidence.

Along with the details and screenshots, you can also display a video on the product page describing everything about the product to give a better idea of the product to the customers.

You can add a product video on your product pages by using Knowband’s Product video module. This addon is available for PrestaShop, OpenCart, and Magento platforms.

8. Offer Free Shipping: Earlier, the online retailers used to charge shipping charges from the customers. But nowadays, most of the online shoppers expect delivery of their products to their home address free of cost. If you are not providing free shipping to your customers then you are losing a big chunk of money. Offer free shipping and get more successful orders on your store.

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