Turn Your WooCommerce Website into a Progressive Web App (PWA)

With the rapid development and continuous growth in the number of mobile device usage, many online shoppers have been shifted towards mobile commerce. The users also are taking full advantage of the eCommerce mobile app and have left the website shopping a long time back.  Additionally, the majority of store merchants have already opted for the Progressive Web App to deliver the best class user experience to their customers. In fact, the PWA Mobile Apps are taking the leverage of a whole new set of possibilities to improve the mobile shopping experience. The eCommerce Progressive Web App helps in delivering a high-class user experience to the customers through modern web technologies.

What is a WooCommerce PWA Mobile App?

The WooCommerce PWA Mobile App Maker is a readymade extension designed to provide a native app-like experience via Progressive Web Apps. The PWA shopping app offers a smooth and seamless experience to the customers on all handheld devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. The PWA Mobile apps are more reliable than native mobile apps because they run faster and hardly face any issue or crash problem. The lightweight mobile app loads immediately even when the internet connection is not available.

The WooCommerce PWA Mobile App is independent of the Google Play and Apple Store. The app will be made live on the eCommerce store URL itself. As a result, whenever any user opens the store URL on the mobile browser, an option to “Add PWA To Home Screen” will appear. Similarly, mobile shoppers can simply tap on the pop-up and install it on the device. 

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Inbuilt Features in WooCommerce PWA Mobile App: 

1. White Label Branding-

In order to grab the customer interest towards your eCommerce mobile app, the WooCommerce PWA Mobile App Maker comes up with a white label apps solution. This feature helps in maintaining the user trust and reliability of the brand and also improves the conversions and sales. The white-label Progressive Web App Maker allows the store admin to launch the shopping app under the eCommerce store brand name and value.

2. Easy Home Screen Layout Customization-

All the changes performed in the WooCommerce PWA Mobile App Creator backend will be immediately reflected on the front end of the Progressive Web App. The home page DIY editor option allows the store admin to craft and adds multiple layouts in the admin panel. It also helps in changing the look and feel of the PWA mobile app anytime. The user interface of the eCommerce app can also be altered by adding intuitive colors, fonts, banners, images, categories, etc. The store owner can simply design the layout of the app home screen and make changes whenever required.  

3. Easy Installation And Compatibility With All Devices-

The WooCommerce PWA Mobile App Creator allows easy installation of apps on any mobile device. When the customer visits the eCommerce store on a mobile browser, the “Add To Home Screen” popup will appear. The users can install the Progressive Web App right away. There isn’t any sort of dependency on the Google Play and Apple App store to make the PWA app live for the mobile audience. 

The PWA for WooCommerce App works seamlessly and efficiently with every mobile device and platform. The Progressive Web App also gets adapted according to the screen size of the smartphone and tablets. 

4.  Easy Login Options-

It is important for the store admin to provide a simple login and registration option to the customer. It improves the eCommerce mobile app engagement rate. The PWA App for WooCommerce also allows users to log in with a single tap with social and email signup/sign-in options. The store admin can enable social login options like Facebook and Google in the Progressive Web Apps.

5. All Languages Support (Including RTL)-

Every eCommerce business wants to maximize its profits by reaching out to a large group of customers. The simplest way to do this is to incorporate the WooCommerce Progressive Web App into your eCommerce store. The reason behind that is it supports all the languages and currencies available on the eCommerce website including RTL ones like Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, Persian etc..

6. All Payment And Shipping Options-

The payment and shipping options have a significant effect on making the customer shopping experience seamless. As a result, it is important for the store admin to include the same payment and shipping options on the PWA app, that are on the eCommerce website. The online shoppers will find it easier and more convenient to perform transactions and make purchases.  

7. One Page Checkout-

A simplified checkout is needed for a smooth transaction process in PWA mobile apps. Users do not want to enter excessive details to just make the online purchase. The WooCommerce Progressive Web App Maker provides a simple checkout process to provide ease in the transaction and payment flow. 

8. Real-Time Synchronization-

The WooCommerce Progressive Web App product inventory and data are fully synchronized with the eCommerce website. So, any changes made to the eCommerce store inventory will be reflected on the eCommerce app at the same time. Hence, it is a useful tool for automatic inventory management and curbs out manual inputs.

9. Automated Push Notifications-

The WooCommerce Progressive Web App Creator ensures that users do not miss any updates/offers of the PWA app. So, the store owner can send push notifications to customers manually or automatically from the admin panel of the extension. These notifications are also beneficial in promoting new offers, sales, and discounts among mobile shoppers.

10. Offline Browsing Feature-

The WooCommerce PWA Mobile App eliminates PWA app browsing difficulty for the user in low internet connection. The shopping app consists of an inbuilt cache that saves the preloaded screen and displays it to the user when their internet connection is slow.

Conclusion –

Having a Progressive Web App is very much helpful in delivering a reliable user experience. Thus, it opens new opportunities for eCommerce businesses by using modern web technology. The increase in the growth of smartphone devices can also help the store merchants to attract more customers to the PWA Mobile app. The mobile app can be easily accessed even in offline mode. We offer Progressive Web apps for other platforms like PrestaShop, OpenCart and so on. To know more in detail about the Progressive Web Apps creator features, feel free to send us an email at [email protected].

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