Why To Develop Your Own Progressive Web App For eCommerce Business?

The Progressive Web Apps are the most preferred online shopping tool for the eCommerce business. The PWA Mobile App offers advanced web features with native look and feel such as push notifications, offline mode, real-time sync, faster working etc. The PWA Mobile App has the ability to unlock the potential of an e-commerce store and allow them to grow more in the targeted segment. These advanced features and unmatched performance of the eCommerce Progressive Web App help in increasing user engagement and sales.

One more advantage of the eCommerce PWA Mobile App is that the store admin does not need to create the mobile app separately for an Android and iOS platform. The PWA app works seamlessly on all platforms and gets adapted to every screen size. The user can directly add the Progressive Web App to the home screen of the device while accessing the eCommerce store URL. The users just need to click on the “Add to Home Screen” popup and the mobile app will be added to the device.

Readymade Progressive Web App Builder-

The Progressive Web App Maker is a readymade extension that helps the store admin to build the shopping app without any code change. The extension functionality makes it easy for the store admin to handle the mobile app backend. The handy settings of the module help to improve the retention rates of the customers on the shopping app. Online shoppers also have the benefit of accessing the PWA Mobile App on all smartphone devices. The store admin can easily perform almost every sort of design or functionality change on the Progressive Web App by accessing the backend of the module. Check out the modules for all major eCommerce platforms:



Magento 2:


Why Choose PWA Mobile App?

The selection between native apps and PWA apps depends upon your business requirement. The eCommerce PWA Mobile App Builder can be a great choice if you are a startup and growing eCommerce business. It allows the eCommerce merchant to easily target potential customers and attract them to the eCommerce store with the help of its alluring features.

The Progressive Web App Builder is the best of both worlds. It is a combination of web and mobile applications and offers a native app-like experience. As a result, a PWA app allows consumers to have seamless access to all the products on their smartphones.

The Progressive Web App Builder is based on emerging technologies and also considered as a future for eCommerce businesses. It consists of the best features of both websites and mobile apps to give an enhanced customer experience. The set of features included in the module backend plays an important role and acts as an effective tool that can be used to improve conversion rates on the mobile app.

Top Features Of Progressive Web Application:

1. White Label Branding-

The store admin can use the white label branding approach to launch the eCommerce PWA Mobile App under its own brand name. The merchant can give a unique identity to its brand by including all the branding options such as app name, logo, splash screen, banners etc.

2. Home Screen Layout Designing-

The store admin can create and save multiple layouts in the admin panel of the extension. The layout can be changed anytime and the user interface of the PWA home screen accordingly. The layout can be designed with the DIY editor and drag and drop designer tool. The store admin can select the most suitable layout according to its requirement. The colors, fonts, design etc. can be changed anytime on the live PWA mobile app. 

3. Automatic Inventory Management- 

The eCommerce PWA Mobile App comes with an automatic inventory management feature that synchronizes the eCommerce website with the shopping app in real-time. When the store owner updates product inventory and data of the eCommerce store, the mobile app will be updated automatically.

4. Push Notifications Alerts-

The eCommerce Progressive Web App allows the store owners to send unlimited push alerts to their customers. The users can easily get aware of the discount, offers, and other updates of the shopping app via notifications on their smartphones. The customer can directly reach into the shopping app after clicking on the notification. 

5. Supports Offline Mode-

The online shoppers  can access the PWA Mobile App even if their internet connection is slow. The Progressive Web App users can browse the pre-loaded products and add them to the cart and wishlist as well. 

6. Social Login Options- 

The PWA Mobile App Builder allows store admin to enable social login (Facebook and Google) or Email registration/log-in options. The simple & quick login options allow the customers to get access into the eCommerce mobile app within a few seconds.

7. Multiple Payment and Shipping Methods- 

The eCommerce PWA Mobile App Builder allows store admin to integrate all payment and shipping options on PWA Mobile App (which are available on the eCommerce website). It enables users to easily find the desired payment methods and perform transactions via ease.

8. Single Page Checkout- 

Filling unnecessary information in the shopping app can irritate and provoke customers to abandon the cart. The Progressive Web App Builder allows customers to fill in the required details in order to checkout and make purchase from the app. .

9. Multilingual and RTL Support- 

The Progressive Web App supports all languages, including RTL (Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, etc) available on the eCommerce store. The online shoppers can choose the language they like, and the whole app is translated into the selected language.

10. Coupon and Vouchers Support-

The coupon and discount codes working on the eCommerce website will be supported on the PWA Mobile App as well. The store admin can offer the same discount offers on the app and allow customers to avail benefits. 

Conclusion –

These were some of the benefits of using Progressive Web Apps to help you to grow your eCommerce brand. In order to get the best and most effective outcomes, check the best Progressive Web App Creator for PrestaShop, OpenCart, Magento 2, and WooCommerce. Knowband is one of the top companies in the market and already developed mobile apps for a wide range of eCommerce stores. The solution consists of all the features that have been mentioned above and a lot more to achieve potent results in minimal effort.

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