All You Need To Know About Ecommerce Progressive Web App

After considering a lot of changes/advancements, the eCommerce industry is flourishing and so are the store owners. But, the ones who are still looking for enhancing the eCommerce store reach and sales, need to adapt the necessary things such as mobile app development. The majority of online shoppers are preferring mobile apps for online product purchases. As a result, your store app should be there to fulfill the user’s needs. It is researched that more than 50 percent of online shopping is done only by using mobile phones. The eCommerce PWA Mobile App could be the most favorable solution for the job. Read in detail how?

Earlier, launching the native app for the eCommerce store required huge investment and time. But, the revolutionary PWA Mobile App Builder has made the task of app development fully simplified for the store admin:

STEP 1. Purchase & install the extension as per the platform:

PrestaShop PWA Mobile App Builder

OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder

Magento 2 PWA Mobile App Builder

WooCommerce PWA Mobile App Builder

STEP 2. Share required details to set up apps and review the same.

STEP 3. Confirm to make PWA app live on the store URL.

How Does PWA Mobile App Works?

Progressive Web Apps or PWA app is considered as the future of online eCommerce business. At first, Google introduced it in 2015. The Progressive web apps give an app-like experience to the users with web browser potential features. Because of modern web technology, the mobile app can still get indexed in the Google SERP. This also benefits the SEO of the eCommerce store.  

The customer won’t also face any problems while installing the PWA Mobile App. There is no dependency on Google Play Store or Apple App Store to install the app. The users just need to visit the eCommerce website on the mobile browser. The mobile app can be added directly to the home screen by clicking on the “Add To Home Screen” pop-up. The Progressive Web Apps are fast, smooth, efficient, and lighter than native apps. 

Important features of eCommerce Progressive Web App- 

1. Branded Application-

The white-label feature of the eCommerce PWA Mobile App Builder allows the store admin to publish the mobile app under its own brand name. So, the store admin can choose the desired app name, logo, banner, splash screen, and several other things to launch the eCommerce app. 

2. Custom-Build App-

The Progressive Web App Builder allows the store admin to change the look and feel of the shopping app by using several customization settings in the admin panel. The store admin can choose intuitive colors and fonts to make the eCommerce app look more enticing. The featured products can also be highlighted such as recently viewed, most liked, recommended products in the mobile app.

The home screen layout of eCommerce Progressive Web App can be fully designed from the admin panel. There isn’t any sort of coding change requirement to design the home screen layout. The store admin can achieve any design by making a few changes in the admin panel.

3. Social Login Access-

The Progressive Web App Maker can provide social login access to the users. The social login option will include Google and Facebook and Email sign-up options. This way users can log in to your shopping app more easily. 

4. Multi-Language And Currency Support-

Language is a very big issue especially if you are targeting global and international regions or countries. The Progressive Web App Creator consists of multiple language integration facilities including complex languages like RTL(Right To Left). The store admin can add multiple languages on the app that are available on the eCommerce store. 

5. All Payments & Shipping Options-

The multiple payments and shipping options available on the website will be supported on the Progressive Web Apps. Having a variety of payment and shipping options improves the chance of more purchases from the Progressive Web App.

6. Handy Checkout-

Only necessary information needs to be filled in PWA Mobile App while checking out. The eCommerce mobile app allows the customers to cross-verify their information to eliminate any kind of error. The simplified one-page checkout makes the transaction process go with ease.

7. Offline Access- 

The PWA for eCommerce consists of an offline-browsing feature. This gives the facility to the users to fetch all the products on the app and browse even if there is some problem with the internet connection. The customers can even add the product to the cart or wishlist when having no internet connectivity. 

8. Unlimited Push Notifications-

The Progressive Web App Builder allows sending manual and automatic push notifications to the customers. The push notifications can be sent from the admin panel to the customer’s device on which the eCommerce PWA App is installed. The store owner can highlight the latest offers, discounts, sales, promotions, updates, etc. via push notifications. 

9. Automatic Inventory Update-

The eCommerce Progressive Web App remains fully synchronized with the inventory and data of the eCommerce store. All the changes performed by the store admin in products, categories, etc. will be shown on the Progressive Web App automatically.

10. Order Status Information-

The eCommerce PWA Mobile App Builder allows the users to get all the order & delivery-related information. Push notifications can also be scheduled from the admin panel to be automatically deployed whenever there is an update in the order status.  


The Progressive Web App Creator consists of various growth opportunities that can give a competitive edge to the eCommerce business. The PWA app comes up with several amazing features that we have discussed above and a lot more others. These advanced features can give a boost to the eCommerce store and attract/engage more customers to the shopping app. To know more about it, send us an email at [email protected]

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