The usefulness of Prestashop One Page Supercheckout for your store?

One of the key objectives of any eCommerce storekeeper is to outfit the customers with an unrivaled shopping experience. The eCommerce associations need to outfit a superior organization to the customers with the web store. Simultaneously, to improve traffic on the web store, you need to make sure that customer has a delightful purchasing experience. Online customers need to make purchases just if the web store offers a straightforward strategy and with insignificant effort. One of the features which improve the customer experience of the web store is One-page checkout. You just need to add the one page checkout to prestashop site with the help of the Prestashop One Page Supercheckout Addon. Similarly, it is also available for Magento, Opencart, and other eCommerce platforms as well.

The Prestashop One Page Checkout Extension enables the customers to complete their purchase under a single page. The one stage checkout Prestashop is probably the best feature for decreasing the bounce rate at the checkout page. As extending the checkout measure to complete the purchase, aggravates the customer. Thusly, Prestashop One Page Supercheckout guarantees that the customers can polish the purchase by fixing off every one of the essential details on a single page and gives the customers a basic method to manage total the purchase.

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This blog will assist you with analyzing a couple of ways by which Prestashop One Page Supercheckout can help in streamlining the eCommerce stores.

How does Prestashop One Page SuperCheckout useful?

Better strategy

The Prestashop One Step Checkout Addon is a more straightforward strategy given to the customers to complete the purchases. As the customer can make the purchase without loading several pages. The customers will like the chance of one-page super checkout as it reduces the time and effort eaten up in reloading the pages. The One Step Checkout Prestashop Extension even ensures the merchant that they can improve the genuinely important customer experience, especially when they are a stage away from making the payment.


Using Responsive one page checkout Prestashop is more convincing than the customary, suspected where the customers must be bounced from one page to another balancing every one of the details. By using Prestashop responsive one step checkout addon, the eCommerce marketer can help the customer with making a purchase and complete the cycle as well as save a sound proportion of their time. A prevalent and convincing approach that causes the vendor to straightforwardly associate with the customers and force them to complete the purchase. The Single Page checkout helps in boosting sales and produce brief changes.


The whole considered shopping-on-the-web is to save time on the purchase. Moreover, 1 in every 3 customers loses interest in purchasing a product from a site due to lengthy checkout procedure. According to Big Commerce, “11% of cart abandoners leave because the checkout process was too complicated.”
Henceforth, the stores ought to guarantee that the customers don’t have to contribute a lot of energy while endeavoring to complete the purchase cycle. The Prestashop One Page Checkout helps the customer in saving time, while the eCommerce merchant can make better sales, and simultaneously the speed of transformations is expanded basically.

Quick purchase

Perhaps the best feature given by the Prestashop One Page Supercheckout is a quick purchase. For the most part, a standard customer would store the indispensable details of all the portion methods he picked. Thusly, the store has as of now induction to the essential information of the customer’s record. Subsequently, that customer ought to just enter the security code and PIN to complete the portion. As a result, the Prestashop One Page Checkout Extension supports the chances of quick purchase.


The path toward purchasing turns to some degree outrageous for customers on numerous occasions. Thus, the web aggregates reliably consider better and creative decisions to purchase the customer basic and straightforward. Thusly, using various modules help ensures basic checkout and faultless purchase. The one page checkout helps in simplifying it for the customers and simultaneously engages the merchant to support sales.

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