Want to shoot up your sales? Try One Page Checkout module

Do you know that most of your users abandon the cart and leave the website from the checkout page? When it comes to having a perfect checkout page, numerous studies show multiple solutions that execute to optimize the page, and out of them, some solutions have come in handy. One of the best ways to optimize the checkout page of your eCommerce store is by installing the One Page Checkout module. One Page Checkout module makes your problems easy by optimizing the checkout page in a way that the users will smoothly.

This blog talks about the advantages of having a Single Page Checkout addon on your eCommerce store. Whether you have a Prestashop store or OpenCart, there’s an option for you.

Now, let us take a look at the reasons that make the One Page Checkout Extension the best shot at shooting up your sales.

Why choose the Fast Checkout addon on your eCommerce store?

Faster Checkout

At whatever point you visit a shopping store and have the entirety of your ideal products in the shopping cart, you begin searching for the most limited checkout. It feels frustrating when you need to stand by. Similarly, online customers don’t prefer to stand by while they make the last payment; they additionally need the checkout process to be smooth and fast. On the off chance that it’s not, they are bound to abandon without purchasing anything. Being a trying online retailer, you don’t need this to happen.
Fortunately, a quick checkout alternative is accessible with the Quick Checkout addon which decreases the time needed to fill all the individual information while buying online.
At the point when online customers see that their checkout experience finishes on just one page the opportunity that they make the exchange is certainly higher.

Straightforward Interface

One Page Checkout addon is user-friendly. With a predetermined number of info fields and steps, the page stays clear and simple to go through. Also, quick checkout forestalls confusion because online purchasers see immediately what information they need to give. Accordingly, they don’t need to go through multiple means and pages which additionally saves time.
Indeed, with one-venture checkout, you don’t have to stress over whether your navigation is confusing website visitors. Customers can undoubtedly explore through the checkout interaction as they understand the need for particular information, where it enters, and when will it submit.

Upgraded Page Performance

Customers don’t prefer to sit and trust that multiple pages will stack, a long checkout interaction may make your customer frustrated, prompting cart abandonment. One Page Checkout module makes online shopping consistent since everything is recorded in that general area.
Instead of hanging tight for stacking of pages in continuation, customers get a basic page to fill and make the payment. There is no stand-by time, just essentially fill in the details and press submit once for all.

Increment Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is an imperative component that you need your online store to convey. Single page checkout measure encourages you to give a problem-free encounter to the customers. Everything manages by a single page checkout to convey an in general stunning UX.
On the off chance that you need to expand the conversion rates of your online store, you must pick the one-page checkout measure. You can undoubtedly add a quick checkout choice to your current online store dependent on the platform you are using. Indeed, you should simply refresh your eCommerce website with an extension or plugins accessible to convey the fast shopping experience. That’s where One Page Checkout Extension comes into the picture.


It is necessary to have the Single Page Checkout addon your eCommerce store. There are some mistakes that one must always avoid when it comes to checkout. It not only boosts your sales but also optimizes your checkout page to appeal to the users. Invest in installing and configuring the same on your eCommerce store now more than ever.

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