One Page Checkout: These Optimization Tips will help in increased ROI

This comes as no surprise that there is no possible way to give the real effect of the products to the customers. No matter what you do – video representation, 3D photos, or anything else, it cannot replace the touch and feel. In the event that the product is sweeping or complex and needs a few abilities for using it the picking stage can be extremely distressing. Regardless of this, numerous online vendors make similar bumbles particularly during the one page checkout, and lose customers.

So, now the question is – do people abandon the cart even on One Page Checkout?

Why do shoppers leave the eCommerce exit during One Page Checkout?

Displaying ads on Fast Checkout addon

Browsing and actually coming to a decision can be very tedious. You, on top of that, shouldn’t risk it by displaying ads on the checkout page. You can have a section of related products for the visitors but displaying any kinds of ads with the motive of alluring them can be harmful.

Surveys and Questions

The checkout page is not the right place for surveys and questions. You can do that once the placement of the order is complete but not before that. Don’t upset your likely customers with questions that have nothing to do with their purchase. Later, you can ask them about their experience.

Not giving a Guest Checkout

Well, the module certainly has the option but in case your checkout page doesn’t – make sure it does. It is a mandatory strategy on the checkout page to have a Guest Checkout feature. If not, you hazard losing your customer because usually, the visitors hate numerous fields for converting. Such additional work and interruptions can increase the percentage of abandoned carts.

Well, if you have the Single Page Checkout addon, you can simply customize it as per the need of your store. Avoid making such mistakes. The optimization tips mentioned below can be really helpful for you. Check them out below.

Optimization tips for the One Page checkout

The additional amount (taxes) are a scary thing

So, let’s assume that your customer has found something of worth from the store. Checked the price, the details and takes them to the checkout page. Suddenly, they find that a lot of money has been added to where they left in the name of taxes. Well, that’s something they weren’t ready for. Hence, exit the store leaving the cart abandoned.

If there are taxes pr additional amounts, show them in the initial stage itself. Further, this helps them make up their mind. On the contrary, they will leave and will never come back.

Unavailability of Desired Payment Methods

Do you think that customers still prefer to pay with the age-old methods? They have come a long way from making payments with their credit and debit cards. Now, there are Wallet options are available where a lot of details don’t go in. They simply have to link their wallets with the store, make payments, and get on with it.

If you still don’t have multiple payment options to offer your update it now. The One Page Supercheckout feature numerous payment options starting from credit card, debit card, the module provides options like PayPal, PayU and so many others.

In the End

Do you have an optimized checkout page that increases conversions and sales? If you don’t and are considering, the Single Page Checkout addon is for you. The One Page Checkout addon is absolutely the best way to streamline your checkout fields in order to make them appealing to the customers. You can have One Page Checkout module for the Prestashop platform or for OpenCart. Check them out as per your need.

These modules are perfect for increasing the conversion rate and sales of your store. In addition, they reduce the cart abandonment as well by giving the customers a smooth shopping experience. Check out their Demo links for a better understanding.

Back Office Demo for Prestashop

Admin Demo for OpenCart

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