Everything You Need to Know About Advanced One Page Checkout Addon by Knowband

If your checkout process/page is not optimized then there are high chances that you are going to face abandoned carts on your online store. If you want maximum conversions on your online store then you need to have an easy, fast, user-friendly, and mobile responsive checkout process that can help the customers complete the checkout process easily and quickly.

With Knowband’s Advanced One Page Checkout addon, you can replace the default checkout of your online store with a Single Page Checkout which summarizes and displays the whole process on a single page and lets the customers fill in all the details without changing the URL of the page.

The Smart Checkout addon pops up the checkout steps one by one on one page (splits into a number of steps) and allows the customers to place their orders.

With the Smart Checkout addon, you can make the checkout process faster and easier for your customers and can easily get more conversions on your eCommerce store as compared to the multi-page checkout. Let’s check all the key features the addon offers.

Key Highlights of the Advanced One Page Checkout addon:

1. Responsive Ajax-based Checkout Popup: The addon offers an Ajax-based checkout popup that displays the checkout steps one by one. The customer doesn’t need to load multiple pages to fill in the checkout details, he can do everything from signing-in to his account to confirm his order from a single page. 

2. Social Login options and Guest Checkout: Knowband’s Smart Checkout addon allows the customers to log in through popular social accounts like Facebook and Google. The customers can log in to their social accounts from the checkout page within a few clicks.

With the social login options, your customers don’t need to create a new account in order to place an order on your eCommerce store. They can simply log in to the website using social login options. You can also allow them to place their orders as Guest customers i.e., without creating a new account.

3. Option to Manage Checkout Fields: With the Knowband’s Quick Checkout addon, you can easily manage and customize the fields on the checkout page. From the back-end of the module, the store admin can make any field visible or hidden and can also make them mandatory or optional for the users.

The store admin can also re-arrange the position of the fields with drag and drop functionality with ease.

4. Auto-Address fill functionality: Knowband’s Quick Checkout addon offers auto-address fill functionality which helps the customers choose their full address from the suggestions as soon as they start typing their address in the field.

This feature saves the time of the customers and reduces their manual efforts. It enhances their shopping experience and makes the checkout process faster.

5. Custom Fields: With the Responsive Checkout addon, the store admin can also add a custom field on the checkout page. This field can be a text field, radio buttons, check box, etc. The store admin can select any type and position of this field and can place it on the checkout page.

The admin can even make this field mandatory or optional from the back-end of the addon.

6. GDPR Compatible: Knowband’s Advanced One Page Checkout module is compatible with all the regulations and guidelines of GDPR.

Advanced One Page Checkout addon is available for PrestaShop and OpenCart platforms.

You can know more about the PrestaShop Advanced One Page Checkout addon from the User Manual and Admin and Front Demo.

You can know more about the OpenCart Advanced One Page Checkout extension from the User Manual and Admin and Front Demo. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] in case of any suggestions or queries.

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