What is One Page Checkout?

One Page Checkout also called One Step Checkout or Single Page Checkout, is a total of the shopping cart, payment information, invoicing and delivery addresses, and shipping choices. In fact, these are all included in a one-page checkout. This makes the checkout process quicker by lowering the number of pages and clicks required to complete the payment. It is the last stage of any eCommerce website where the customer decides whether to complete the purchase or not.

Single Page Checkout addon is the best way to reduce the abandoned cart rate of an eCommerce website. Moreover, it is a definite way of ensuring that the customers complete their purchases without any hassle. A one-step checkout streamlines the page design, makes it simple and uncomplicated to comprehend, and gives clients a clear picture. Additionally, since customers do not have to jump between sites, it is simple for them to confirm their information. Customers may check out quickly because all the information they need is shown upfront. They can enter all of their information without having to click repeatedly to go on to the next step.

How does One Page Checkout Extension work?

The One Page Supercheckout works in the following ways.

• First, the store owner needs to buy and install the One Step Checkout Addon in his/her eCommerce store.

• Secondly, optimize the checkout page as per the requirements. Using the User Manual, the store admin can effortlessly configure the plugin before making it live on the front end of the website.

• Choose from the various layouts for displaying on the front end.

• Now, the customer simply comes to the store, browses, and adds products to the cart. Furthermore, heads to the checkout page.

• The checkout page has all the necessary custom fields that the customer fills in, makes the payment, and completes the transaction.

Advantages of Fast Checkout addon

1. Fewer taps and actions:

They choose the route of minimal friction, thus cutting back on stages and clicks will maintain the checkout experience as quick, easy, and frictionless as possible, enticing customers more.

2. Effectiveness and quickness:

A single checkout page eliminate the need to switch back and forth between screens to update or correct information, speeds up the load screens between payment pages, and decreases travel time.

3. Easy use:

One-page checkouts are simpler for clients to use by nature and design because there are fewer steps involved. Since the form’s sections are all in one place, the customers can fill it out at their own convenience.

4. Precise navigating:

Since there is no need to browse through numerous pages and stages, single-page checkouts provide simple navigation. If the store admin is using standard one-page checkout, the payment process is simple to follow.

5. Reduced probability of abandonment:

Not only would optimizing checkout increase customer satisfaction, but it would also boost income. As users abandon checkout less frequently and complete it more frequently, improving the checkout experience will increase conversions and revenue.

Disadvantages of Quick Checkout addon

1. It’s alarming:

Some merchants might believe that having all the checkout information on one page will make it easier for customers to look at. Customers may feel scared by lengthy structural pages and abandon their entire buying cart as a result. Additionally, such protracted browsing can result in customers being lost or confused during the checkout process.

2. Site speed issues:

If one fits everything on one page, the loading speed can be an issue. Always keep in mind that consumers prefer to purchase online because it is typically quicker and more convenient than doing so in person. That being said, a delayed checkout can be enough to have a potential consumer look for identical things elsewhere.

3. Statistics:

One-page checkouts prevent retailers from tracking information about the sales funnel. In other words, Google Analytics is unable to pinpoint the moment a customer decides not to complete a transaction.

Highlights of the One Page Checkout module

  • The One Page Checkout provides Guest Checkout.
  • The information exchange is expedited via social login.
  • On the checkout screen, customers can quickly change their cart quantity.
  • Google Auto-address fill reduces the need for additional tasks.
  • Various shipping services and payment methods are supported.
  • 3 page layouts for the admin to choose from.
  • Integration of MailChimp, SendinBlue, and Klaviyo for email marketing.
  • Remove any unused space from the Checkout page.
  • Drag and drop the checkout fields in order of importance.
  • Check the customer’s behavior on the checkout page.
  • Display the product’s price including all applicable taxes.
  • In the receipt, display custom fields.

Simplified Checkout addon for various platforms

There are options for the Prestashop platform, OpenCart, Magento, and Magento 2. Therefore, store owners looking for a OPC module for their eCommerce website can have one from the store.


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