The underrated attributes of the Prestashop Gift Card Manager

The Prestashop gift card manager by Knowband allows the admin to sell gift cards. In fact, the Prestashop send gift card addon enables him to create as many gift cards as he wants to. Furthermore, the digital cards are absolutely customizable from the backend. Moreover, the customers also can personalize it as per their needs.

This is no surprise that the Prestashop gift module is very popular among marketers. Furthermore, it has several benefits and features in it. In fact, we will talk about some of the most underrated attributes of the Prestashop gift voucher module here.

This blog talks about the Prestashop gift card module by Knowband and its features. Let’s check them out.

Prestashop Gift Card Manager by Knowband Attributes

The course of arrangement is straightforward

The Prestashop gift card is easy to introduce and customize. Moreover, the establishment requires no exceptional capacities concerning the store head. By following the techniques shown in the User Manual, the activity completes rapidly.

Settle on the base sum and the greatest sum

The store admin can pick a base sum and the greatest sum for a gift card. Clients can likewise buy a gift card inside that breaking point utilizing the Prestashop send gift card addon.

A limitless number of gift cards are producible

The Prestashop gift module empowers business heads to make a boundless number of gift cards. The business director might make as many gift cards as he needs for birthday celebrations, commemorations, or occasions. For instance, Christmas, Halloween, New Year’s Day, and Valentine’s Day utilizing the Prestashop gift voucher module.

Picking the conveyance stretches

You might set the number of days between Gift Card conveyances in the Prestashop gift card Addon.

The PDF design is available

The new configuration incorporates an essential yet valuable pdf for the gift card that will be produced.

Gift endorsements contain a novel prefix code

The store overseer will want to add a special prefix code to the gift card utilizing the Prestashop gift card module.

You might change the situation with your orders in the Prestashop gift card manager

Utilizing Prestashop send gift card addon, the administrator might change the order status for Gift Card orders. The gift card will be given to the assigned beneficiary just once the order status has been changed to the demonstrated condition.

Gift card buys might be effortlessly trackable

The marketer can without much of a stretch track gift cards buys from the backend. The individual approaches order data, including order status, conveyance date, and other data. It is feasible to utilize the Prestashop gift module as opposed to posting the order information.

To gift the gift card, clients should supply many subtleties

For a gift card to be shipped to the planned beneficiary, a client should offer the details. For instance, the sender’s and collector’s names, as well as the email address, while buying a gift card for a beneficiary.

Significant keyphrases should include in the gift card

They might be planned to any grouping by remembering suitable keywords for the Prestashop gift voucher module. For instance, Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Festivals, etc are a few.

Pictures are addable to the gift cards

One more new element in Knowband’s Prestashop gift card module is the capacity for shoppers to transfer photos to gift cards. Further, you might make gift cards more customizable for clients along these lines.

Gift cards are just utilized partially

The most recent adaptation of the Prestashop gift card Addon by Knowband permits incomplete utilization of gift vouchers. Further, another gift card thing with a number and a lapse date can likewise is creatable by the admin.

Communications by email

Clients who select the ‘Print By Yourself’ choice will get standard updates from the storekeeper through email.

In the End

Therefore this is what the Prestashop gift card by Knowband is all about. In fact, there are several benefits of the plugin as well. What do you think of the module? Let us know at [email protected].

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