Features that make Prestashop One Page Checkout addon a must-have

Prestashop One Page Checkout eliminates unnecessary steps and makes the checkout cycle a lot simpler. Prestashop One Page Checkout by Knowband offers a pleasant checkout experience to customers and significantly expands your website sales.

The reason for One-Page Checkout is to accumulate the necessary data and complete the deal as fast as could reasonably be expected. For example, with the help of multiple login options, the customers can quickly allow the website to get basic information like name, locality, and more.

Prestashop Fast Checkout addon by Knowband reduces cart abandonment by providing the entire measured process on a single page.

Highlights of PrestaShop One Page Supercheckout

PrestaShop One Step Checkout Addon is quicker than multi-page as with a single page checkout, shopper or customer doesn’t have to wait for the page to load. Moreover, fields react to the client’s contribution to constant (on account of AJAX), making the cycle substantially more proficient.


A fast and effortless checkout measure implies less time as an ideal opportunity for the client to get diverted or alter his perspective. For example, when you give fewer options to be filled by the shopper, he/she might change their mind.

Hence, cart abandonment and bounce rate increases. With a short checkout page, it leaves no room for the customer to think twice about the purchase.


Since AJAX reacts progressively, fields are more intuitive. They react to the client’s exercises, making a more intuitive checkout experience.


Prestashop One Page Checkout simplifies the direction for the user. As it offers everything in a coordinated manner in one place offering the user fewer points to hit the back button.


Talking about the design of the Prestashop One Page Checkout module, it’s new, fresh, and offers a great feel to the customer.

Features of Prestashop One Page Checkout module

Section 1:


  • Enable/disable the Quick Checkout addon PrestaShop option can be enabled/disabled.
  • The administrator can enter the IP address which will have the option to utilize the One-Page checkout Option.

Section 2:


  • Prestashop Fast Checkout addon allows admin to customize the Checkout Button.
  • PrestaShop Quick Checkout addon offers enable/disable the option to guests visiting Knowband.
  • PrestaShop Simplified Checkout addon allows customers to save their location while the process is going on.
  • One Page Checkout PrestaShop prompt check of the information entered in the fields utilizing “Inline Validation”.
  • Permit/Restricts clients to choose Offers and subscribe to Newsletters during One-Page Checkout measure.

Section 3:


  • Admin can enable/disable same address usage for Delivery and Invoicing purposes.
  • Administrators can permit login through Facebook or Google.
  • Decide to Display/Hide Payment Gateway Logo.
  • Allows admin to decide the default payment method for PrestaShop One Step Checkout Addon.
  • Permits administrator to choose the default payment method for PrestaShop One Step Checkout Addon.

Section 4:


  • Permit/Restrict Users to view cart details before checkout.
  • Responsive One Page Checkout PrestaShop permits customers to save their cart items for a later purchase.
  • Clients get a different tab to see/add the item to the cart. What’s more, they can likewise erase the items that are put aside for later buy during one-page checkout.
  • PrestaShop Responsive One Step Checkout addon by Knowband allows admin to choose the default item picture size to show on one-page checkout.
  • The administrator can connect the PrestaShop CMS Page to the terms and conditions interface.


Prestashop One Page Checkout extension offers great advantages for your eCommerce. Here are the most outstanding ones:

➤ Sales of your online store is improved by PrestaShop One Page checkout

At the point when we talk about an online store, we need to discuss quite possibly the most relevant idea, the conversion rate.

Usually in eCommerce, one of the main issues is the low conversion rate, since not many visits to the store end up purchasing the items. These perspectives reduce the overall performance of your online store, something that goes unnoticed is one of the terrible things ever.

➤ PrestaShop One Page Checkout addon simplifies the purchase process

By gathering the entire checkout process that your clients should complete finalizing their purchases on a single page, choosing Prestashop One Page checkout module you are simplifying one of the steps that can cause the most issues when bringing a deal to a close. This the number of abandoned carts in your store is reduced.

➤ No more mistakes in the purchase process

With the PrestaShop Simplified Checkout addon, it’s easy to minimize errors in the purchase process. By using a single page, you’ll stay away from the ordinary page-to-page framework mistakes that can make you close deals.

➤ With the One Page Checkout extension, high customization is possible

PrestaShop Simplified Checkout addon offers you a wide set of customization choices to encourage customers when visiting your online store.

In this way, you can adapt the sale page to the necessities of your purchasers and increase sales while obtaining more benefits.

Hence, the Prestashop One Page Checkout addon by Knowband is a must-have.

To know about the installation procedure, click on the link

  1. User Manual

To know more about front and admin demo, click on the link below

2. Front Demo

3. Admin Demo

One Page Checkout addon is also available for OpenCart and Magento platforms.

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