The Prestashop Product Designer addon is a must-have – Know more!

The Prestashop Product Designer/Customizer addon permits your customers to design and customize the products. In addition, they can do it as indicated by their necessities and wants. The module adds a designer board on the product pages of your website. Also, it offers a customize button on the product pages. The Prestashop product customization addon offers various Advanced customizations. In particular adding pictures, text, various tones, QR codes on the product, and customization.

The users can even apply filters to the pictures they upload on the product. With the Prestashop custom product designer addon, you can upgrade the shopping experience of your customers. In addition, increase the customer retention rate for your business. The module furthermore helps in expanding the revenue of your online business. In the end, this happens when individuals love adding a personal touch to their ordered products.

We should investigate every one of the highlights the module gives in the blog.

Key Features of the Advanced product customizer module

Store admin can add design ideas on products with the Prestashop product designer module

With the help of the Prestashop product customization addon, the merchants can add pre-defined designs to products. Again, they can add ideas for different products to their eCommerce store.

Offers Multiple Customizations

With the Prestashop Custom Product Design module, the users can do a lot more. They can add custom content, upload pictures, textual styles, QR codes, filters, and so on. The users can pick any tone for the product.

Displays Customization Cost

The Online Product Designer shows the expense separately next to each other for all the customizations done. In addition, the all-out cost of the product is also mentioned. The user can check the complete cost and add and eliminate customizations appropriately.

Set Number of Slides

With the Prestashop Extended Product Customization module, you can permit your customers to customize products. Furthermore, the front to the back of the products like shirts, hoodies, and so forth can be done. At last can set the most extreme number of slides from the admin end of the module.

Apply Filters

The Product configurator module offers various appealing filters on the pictures the user uploads on the designer board.

Basic Installation

The installation and configuration of the PrestaShop Product Customization addon is a piece of cake. Therefore, it can be basically managed without changing the core documents of the website.

Other features of the Prestashop Product Designer/Customizer addon

  1. Prestashop custom product designer addon shows a Customize button on the product page to the customers. The product personalization choices have just appeared for the products that the admin designs from the backend.
  2. The admin can enable or disable the Online Product Designer from the back-end. Disabling the product customization board will just show the standard product customization choices on the product page.
  3. This Advanced product customizer module consequently ascertains the last cost of the products. Moreover, depending on the customizations done by the customer from the product page.
  4. The Prestashop admin can characterize products for which the Custom Product Designer usefulness will be dynamic on the front end.
  5. Prestashop custom product designer addon encourages you to empower or debilitate PDF records. The customers can download the PDF on the front-end.
  6. Using the Online Product Designer module, the admin can add numerous pre-characterized picture designs and picture groups for a product. Customers can pick the default pictures or they can upload their very own picture for the product.
  7. Advanced product customizer module permits the admin to characterize explicit costs for various customization choices.
  8. Prestashop Product Designer/Customizer addon additionally allows your customers to print QR code over the product. Consequently, the admin can set a separate QR code cost.
  9. Using Prestashop custom product designer addon, admin can set a Complete Design Fixed Price. Moreover, he can do it to the last customized cost for a product.
  10. The all-inclusive Product Customization module is multi-lingual and multi-store viable.
  11. The multi-highlighted custom design board of the Prestashop product customization module is mobile responsive. In addition, it viable with various Prestashop themes.


The Prestashop product customization addon is a small yet highly functional and engaging Prestashop module. Furthermore, it allows the customers to customize what they buy. It is a beneficial option for the store owners as well. Having this option installed in your eCommerce store will bring more sales and conversions to your store.

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