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While searching for an item on an online store, visitors now and then feel too drowsy to even consider thinking about going to other pages separately. Not only that, customers visiting your e-commerce store do not care about clicking the other pages multiple times.

Customers don’t like websites that take a lot of time to load as it ends up frustrating them and to cure that situation, store owners must opt for PrestaShop Infinite Scroll Addon, it’s simple and convenient.

Features of PrestaShop Infinite Scroll Addon

It keeps things simple on your e-commerce website

The most ideal approach to show your items is the List and Grid view. The customer gets clarity about the products and finds it easy to shop. This feature is available in PrestaShop quick scroll Addon that helps clients engaged on the website.

PrestaShop fast scroll Addon offers a good navigation

PrestaShop endless scroll Addon comprises a “Go to top” button. It will allow the clients to effectively navigate to the top segment of a page once you enable this option within a fraction of seconds. The process of continuous vertical scroll down can be eliminated with the help of the PrestaShop Quick Scroll module.

For more load at the end of a page

When you feel that you need to change the functionality of the Infinite Scroll Addon of PrestaShop, you can choose the “Load more products link” elective under “Scroll Type”. It furthermore gives you the choice to show a text which peruses as ”Load more” toward the finish of a page and it likewise offers the opportunity of picking when do you need this alternative.

Also, keep this point in mind that the load more link will only be visible when you will set the frequency to 2 and it will display after the first two pages. The first two pages will begin loading in an infinite scroll way.

PrestaShop list view plugin offers the freedom to store owners to choose the colors accordingly

Regardless of whether background colour or text colour or even the colour of your border of the message box with PrestaShop Quick Scroll module, you can. The shade of the “Go to top” button can likewise be redone.

CSS and JS can be customized with the help of PrestaShop list product Addon

If merchants need to roll out additional improvements on the module without adjusting the current one, in PrestaShop infinite scrolling module, it tends to be done through Custom CSS and Custom JS.

PrestaShop Infinite Scroll Addon drops the traditional pagination measure on account of which clients dispose of exploring to various pages since all the items get listed on a single page. PrestaShop quick scroll Addon improves your client’s engagement in your store leading to a superior client experience. Despite which subject you pick for your online business site, this addon is viable with all topics. For introducing PrestaShop endless scroll Addon you don’t need to be a specialist.

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