Build your own marketplace using the OpenCart Multi-Vendor Marketplace

An enormous number of clients are buying merchandise online through their cell phones or work areas. However, it is seen that the level of change rate to the guests visiting the store is extremely less. There can be numerous explanations behind it. Either the customer didn’t care for the item, or the item he is looking is absent or the UI is hard to comprehend or checkout measure is too long or the shortfall of the installment mode liked by the client is absent.

In all the above situations, most of the visitors don’t finish their buys and leave the store. Further, to solve all the above issues, it is significant for the store owners to mind the interest and prerequisites of the store owners. Moreover, it is important for the store owner to keep the store updated according to the most recent pattern in the eCommerce market.

For a smooth shopping experience, the store admin needs to offer numerous delivery and installment choices. Having a versatile mobile application will play a solid part in focusing on an enormous client base.

The accomplishment of overall eCommerce stores like Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and so on isn’t hidden away from anybody. Also, these stores with huge seller bases oblige an enormous crowd consistently.

OpenCart Multi-Vendor Marketplace by knowband

Solution for you:

Knowband offers Opencart Marketplace module to transform the OpenCart shop into a completely functional Marketplace. Further, OpenCart Multi-Vendor Marketplace module by Knowband permits various merchants across the globe to rundown and sell their items at the Marketplace. 

OpenCart Marketplace extension offers numerous installment and transportation strategies. Moreover, different installment and delivery alternatives facilitate the checkout cycle for clients. Also, the OpenCart Mobile application compatibility of the Multi-Vendor Marketplace permits the store proprietor to target a huge client base. Multiple merchants with their assortment of merchandise at the OpenCart Marketplace expand the general change pace of the online business.

Salient Benefits of the OpenCart Multi-Seller Marketplace Addon are:

  • Effortless transformation
  • Stable income
  • Lower showcasing costs
  • Smooth Shopping Experience
  • Better commitment
  • Customer Seller support
  • Individual Dashboards
  • Hassle-free seller registration
  • Multiple payment and shipping methods availability
  • All product types support
  • Email type support

In case you have any inquiries or questions with respect to the OpenCart multi-seller marketplace module please go ahead and contact us at [email protected].

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