Why choose to create an OpenCart Marketplace rather than selling on one?

Yes, we know that selling on a marketplace is way less tricky than creating one. In addition, selling on a marketplace allows the sellers to handle their business and generate more income. Well, that’s some of the benefits of selling on a marketplace. However, creating your own OpenCart Marketplace is even better. In fact, it is like owning your platform and having the sellers earn for you.

However, that’s just tip of the iceberg. There are so many benefits of creating your own marketplace with the OpenCart Marketplace Module. This blog will lay down all the reasons you should choose to create an OpenCart Marketplace rather than selling on one.

Reasons choose to create an OpenCart Marketplace rather than selling on one

Because you will be in charge of every activity

As you are the one who transformed the store into a marketplace. Hence, you are the admin. Being the admin, you get to be in charge of everything that happens on the platform. Furthermore, the OpenCart Multi vendor Marketplace Module helps you keep control over everything. In addition, it also helps you manage the sellers, the customers, and everything else. Whether it is who will sell on the OpenCart Marketplace, or what is to be sold, the admin decides everything. Thus, you know what will your position be when you allow sellers to sell on your marketplace. A few other things you will oversee include:

  • Assigning categories and products to the sellers
  • Looking forward to automating or manually handling the payout requests
  • Checking the transactions and orders of the sellers; and more

Because the OpenCart Multi vendor Marketplace Extension helps generate more revenues

Oh yes!! One of the most important reasons for having an online business is to generate more revenues. Hence, the OpenCart Multi vendor Marketplace Plugin gives you three revenue models. Namely, membership plans, product listing fees, and commissions from the orders. Further, the admin can adjust the settings of all three revenue models as per the need of the business. In fact, the fun way of saying it would be – you’ll earn even when you’re sleeping or when you’re spending some leisure time.

Because you can decide who gets to sell and who does not

Well, this should have been the first point but it is equally important as the others. Further, as the admin, you get to go through every tiny detail of the registration of a seller. The products he wants to sell, and more. Thus, the OpenCart Multi seller Marketplace module rests it in your hands to decide who gets to sell on the OpenCart Marketplace and who does not. As a matter of fact, even the customers can sign up as sellers. However, only the best candidates will be selected and allowed to sell. In addition, as soon as the registration process finishes, the seller is free to start selling at that very moment.

So, what do you think?

In the End

The OpenCart Marketplace by Knowband is the best way to earn more. In addition, the Knowband Marketplace allows the authority to be in the hands of the admin. Hence, you decide everything around here. In case you have any queries, do let us know in the comments below or drop it at [email protected].

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