Perks of the Opencart Loyalty Points Extension by Knowband for Online Stores

In this Opencart loyalty points extension, online buyers earn loyalty points, which are reward-based points. Further, when a customer completes a certain criterion on an online store, they are rewarded with points. A certain product, a minimum shopping cart value, a category, etc. are some of the reward point conditions in the Opencart reward points extension.

A consumer is able to use the discounts they earn from points to deduct a predetermined amount from the cost of their basket. Hence, utilizing the functionality of the Opencart gift points module helps online shoppers minimize the overall cost of their transactions.

Loyalty Points - Opencart Extensions

A loyalty point program is essential for motivating customers to keep doing business with the company. The Opencart reward point module awards loyalty points to consumers. Moreover, in order to get customers to shop more at the store, the admin uses the approach of distributing points.

It encourages customers to make more regular purchases at online stores. Also, a further benefit of the Opencart loyalty points extension is that it increases sales, which increases the revenue of the online company.

OpenCart - OpenCart Loyalty Points

Reward Point Extension’s Key Features

Change the module’s state:

The store owner has the option to enable or disable this module through the admin panel.

Custom point conversion:

The store admin uses this module’s features to convert loyalty points in a certain way. Store owner is able to set up different conversion rates for different currencies with this Opencart loyalty points extension.

Minimum cart value:

Points are given after a predetermined purchase amount or cart value is reached. The administrator of the store decides this value using this module’s functionalities.

Email functionality:

Different emails are sent for awarding, taking away, and redeeming loyalty points. Using the functionality of the Opencart loyalty points plugin, the store owner is able to update these emails in a variety of languages.

Points Progression:

With the help of this module, the store admin is able to create numerous gift point progressions in a number of different languages.

Rule definition:

As many loyalty point rules are created as much are necessary by the admin user, according to the rule’s definition. With the use of the Opencart gift points module, rules will be created based on the customer’s cart, purchases, or behavior.

Opencart Loyalty Points Extension

Setting up rules:

The store owner is able to specify a variety of criteria for rule setup using the features provided by the Opencart reward points plugin.

Rule administration:

Using the options provided by the Opencart loyalty points extension, the administrator may change, enable, disable, or delete the present rules.

History of loyalty points:

With the help of the Opencart reward points module, business owners are able to view both the current standing and full history of their loyalty discount points.

Loyalty point balance:

With the aid of this extension, an administrator is able to easily check the specifics of the loyalty points of the customers of the store. The Opencart gift points plugin offers a list of mentioned customers together with the quantity of points they have available, used, and on hold.

Opencart Loyalty Points Extension

Simple to use interface:

Starting or stopping the reward points system is simple with the interface for the module admin settings.

Opencart Loyalty Points Extension

Multiple languages are supported:

Opencart’s loyalty point extension supports multiple languages.

This Extension’s benefits include:

  1. In order to offer users a sense of urgency, the administrator defines an expiration date in this extension.
  2. The store owner is able to use this Opencart gift point extension to mail customers when they receive their loyalty points.
  3. The Opencart loyalty points module’s email template can be modified by the administrator to accommodate various situations.
  4. From the backend, the store owner keeps an eye on the standing, expiration date, and balance of each loyalty point.
  5. The store owner is able to add loyalty points in bulk using CSV feature with this Opencart reward point plugin.
  6. The business administrator increases client retention by providing loyalty points for different orders and registering using this Opencart gift points extension.

If you have any questions about this addon or would like to make any custom adjustments, please email [email protected]. If you want us to modify or customize the module in accordance with your business requirements, please touch with us.

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