One Page Checkout vs Multi-Page Checkout: Which is better and Why?

E-commerce practitioners have different opinions when it comes to the best path to take when doing the checkout process evaluation. Although some experts would suggest the use of single-page checkouts to simplify the process, other experts would argue that a higher number of happy customers would result in multi-page checkouts.

A Single Page Checkout has all the needful information, registration forms, payment method selection, and shipping choices on one page. On the other hand, one has to jump on different pages to complete the checkout process in multi-page checkout.

Single page checkout requires fewer clicks and it appears to be easier. It saves time for the user and is known for higher conversion rates. And multi-page checkout looks like a time taking process, though the checkout process takes the same time extra pages build up the psychology that it is more time taking.

In this article, I am going to discuss some benefits of having a one-page checkout over multi-page checkout, also about the One Page Checkout module that boosts sales and improves conversion.

Advantages of One Page Checkout over Multi-page Checkout


Owing to the lengthy procedure involved, several e-commerce sites buffer upon hitting the checkout page. For more clients to convert, single-page checkout is quicker and faster. If there are no additional pages to load for no other reason, a single-page checkout is quicker than a multi-page checkout.

Improved Navigation

Single-page checkouts, especially those that use JavaScript to move shoppers through the process, also provide better visibility step-by-step. The complete process is displayed on one page that ensures users about the next step in advance.

Better page performance

Though hundreds of factors contribute to page load times, the user experience can be enhanced by using a single, Ajax-powered checkout type. This is critical as studies from Akamai, Google, and Bing all show that slow-loading pages would not be accepted by consumers.

How Knowband’s One Page Checkout module is the best choice for the eCommerce stores?

The One Page Checkout addon is very useful to users as it provides a much easier method of checkout. This easy checkout addon gives users on the checkout page to display the entire cart rundown, where they can modify the cart and apply the coupon as well.

Benefits of One Page Checkout Module

Some of the major benefits of the One Page Checkout Module developed by KnowBand:

  • Mobile Responsive
  • Fast and Secure
  • Guest checkout and social login
  • Multi-lingual compatibility
  • Abandoned Cart report
  • Improved conversion

Features that make it unique!

Checkout Activity Report:

E-marketers will now be able to get a better picture of how many fields customers fill up. This gives the admin a good picture of which individual checkout process the customers have backed up and left their carts.

MailChimp, SendinBlue and Klaviyo Integrator:

As soon as they upload their information, collect customer data straight into your MailChimp, SendinBlue, or Klaviyo account.

Choose from three types of layout designs:

Three types of layout designs are provided by One Page Checkout addon: 1-column, 2-column, and 3-column. Plan your layout and choose the best match for your page for checkout.

Guest Checkout:

Let the Guest Checkout facility check out quickly and conveniently for individuals who hesitate to establish an account. The One Step Checkout addon also supports existing customers with a login and new customers with an account development option.

Social Login- Facebook and Google:

Social Login option allows users to quickly sign-up/sign up with their Facebook or Google account to your store and saves their time from a long registration process.

Inline validation, Google Auto address fill, multiple payment and shipping methods, and many other features are incorporated in the One Page Checkout Module.

The One Page Checkout Module is available for all the major eCommerce platforms.

Prestashop One Page Supercheckout Addon

Magento One Page Checkout Extension

OpenCart One Page Checkout Pro Extension

Conclusion: For your eCommerce shop, the type of checkout process that works for one e-commerce site won’t necessarily work. The best choice, as stated at the outset, is often one that takes into account different factors. Evaluating the platform would include reviewing your business priorities and goals, as well as the type of goods that you put on the market.

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