4 Ways One Page Checkout can Help Optimize the eCommerce Store

A checkout page is the last step for a buyer and the most important step for a seller. This is the last point where a seller can provide the best customer experience which can stop the customers from cart abandonment.

One Page Checkout helps optimize the eCommerce store in many ways. Its appealing UI and handy features make it the best solution for customer conversion on the last stage of the purchase. 

By replacing multi-page checkout with Single Page Checkout you can influence your buyers to make a quick purchase. The One Page Checkout addon allows customers to complete their transactions and make purchases of the product on the same page. One Page Supercheckout increases registrations and minimizes our struggle for conversion killers.

Now, I will be discussing 4 proven ways One Page Checkout can Help Optimize the eCommerce Store.

Convincing and builds trust

One Page Checkout

One Step Checkout appears to be more convincing as it displays all the necessary elements on one page instead of jumping from one page to another like in a multi-page checkout.

Single page Checkout has a stronger and more persuasive strategy that lets the seller communicate directly with the customers and influence them to close a deal. The One Page Checkout helps boost sales and produce conversions instantly.

Speaking about the trust, One Page Responsive Checkout assures the security for payment gateways. Customers feel secure with security badges displayed near the payment options.

Better Accessibility

The One Page Checkout provides a simpler approach for the customers towards completing the transactions. To make a purchase, consumers don’t need to be jumped or navigate to various pages. It is easily accessible.

The customers would love the idea of One Step checkout because it reduces the time and energy spent in reloading the web pages. It enhances the user experience when customers are one step away from making the payment.


Single Page Checkout makes the registration and payment in a few steps. The whole concept of online shopping is to save on transaction time. The customers cancel around one-third of the transactions due to the time spent during checkout.

The admin can set some of the fields as optional. Also, the Quick One Page checkout module allows guest registration.

This saves the user from the long mandatory sign up. It is incorporated with social login, Google address auto-fill and auto-detect country code which helps the customer in sign up without making extra efforts and wasting much.

Allows Instant Purchase

One Page Checkout

One Step Checkout has the feature which allows instant purchase. People often forget their passwords, card details, and do not like to enter the same again and again. Most of the customers save their details which are necessary for future purchases.

The customers only have to enter the security code and PIN to complete the payment on one-page checkout.  The One Page Checkout encourages the idea of instant purchase.


One Page Checkout convinces your buyers, gives then an easy approach and access, saves their time with various sign-in choices like guest checkout, social login, and address auto-fill. The One Page Supercheckout also allows instant purchase. All these reasons make it one hell of checkout options for your eCommerce store.

Whether you have an OpenCart store, PrestaShop, or Magento, Knowband has developed the One Page Checkout addon for all of these. You can find the admin demo and front end demo on the Knowband store.

PrestaShop One Page Checkout module

OpenCart One Page Checkout Pro extension

Magento One Page Checkout extension

Magento 2 One Page Checkout extension

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