Significance of Delivery Boy App for easier online deliveries

The process of delivering a product from one end to the other in the most effective and efficient way possible is known as delivery management. To provide a good customer experience, B2C businesses also require a robust delivery system that can easily handle order tracking from order pickup to its delivery. There are a variety of delivery management plugins and modules available to assist you. By this, you can have smooth handling of the delivery process. If you own a PrestaShop or OpenCart store, you’re lucky because KnowBand has made the Delivery Boy Mobile App Builder available for both platforms. The Delivery Boy App for eCommerce will undoubtedly assist you in successfully managing your delivery business.

PrestaShop Delivery Boy Mobile App

OpenCart Delivery Boy Mobile App

Admin Panel Features –

1. From the Delivery Boy App Maker admin panel, the store admin can track and manage the Delivery Boy activities. You can add a logo and your company’s name in Delivery Boy App Maker. 

2. The delivery boy’s personal information, such as name, email, profile image, vehicle number, and vehicle type will be required during registration in the Delivery Boy App Builder. The store admin can register the delivery agent and send login credentials on the email. 

3. The eCommerce Delivery Boy App login credentials are sent through email once the store admin has opened up the Delivery Boy account. From the Delivery Boy Mobile App Builder admin panel, so the store admin can easily enable or disable the Delivery Boy.

4. The delivery boy may accept/reject the delivery order in the Delivery Management App. If he rejects the order then he has to give the appropriate reason for the same. If accepts, the delivery agent need to process the deliveries.

5. A Push notification should be sent to the delivery boy app when the order is assigned, or there is any update or changes in the Order Tracking App.

Easier Online Deliveries From Delivery Boy Mobile App –

1. Scheduling Orders:

Scheduling orders is a quick and easy method to plan your delivery process. The Delivery Boy Mobile App for the eCommerce backend also allows the store admin to categorize customers and serve them on a priority basis.

2. Don’t Make False Commitment-

Commitments are more attracted towards those businesses that work with honesty and fulfill their promises. If the store admin is not able to meet up the customer expectations. So, this can end up harming the brand images. Thus, the Delivery Boy Mobile App Builder helps the store admin to fulfill its promises by allowing them to perform effective delivery management. 

3. Order Tracking System with Google Map integration –

The store admin can track the order status of the customer by accessing the Delivery Boy App Maker backend. The eCommerce merchant can also change the status of the customer order by the extension backend. Moreover, the store admin can easily integrate Google maps in eCommerce Delivery Boy App. The Google Maps option allows the delivery boy to find the path with ease and reach the desired location in less time. 


So, having an integrated delivery tracking solution for delivery management of your online business is always safer. The PrestaShop and OpenCart Delivery Boy Apps are integrated eCommerce solutions with full tracking capabilities in the Delivery Boy App Creator. The store admin can manage the home deliveries effectively by using a Delivery Boy App Builder backend. So, if you want to know more, send us an email at [email protected]

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