How to Attract Sellers on OpenCart Marketplace

Getting sellers on your newly created marketplace is a bit difficult. Marketplace benefits the admin in many ways and helps him grow his business but you need to make the multi-vendor marketplace successful to achieve your goals. There are many challenges which the multi-seller marketplace creators face after setting it up and the biggest challenge is to attract and encourage sellers to sell their products on your Marketplace. In this article, we will discuss how you can get enough sellers on your Marketplace after launching an online eCommerce marketplace.

Top Tips to Attract Sellers on Your Marketplace:

1. Develop a Strategy to Market Your multi-seller Marketplace:

After creating your marketplace successfully, you need to develop a marketing strategy to promote your marketplace, know your customers, and acquire them in various ways. Social media is the largest and most powerful medium to promote your marketplace, attract potential sellers, and customers.

You can also run paid ads and explain your branding and business plans to convince the sellers to sell on your Multi-Vendor Marketplace. You can also post and promote blogs to explain the business and branding plans to get sellers.

2. Display Commission Management Plan to Sellers:

If you are having enough transparency in transaction commission. Before getting a new seller, explain to them about your transactions, fixed commission rate, tax charges so that you both have transparency. Decide on a mutually agreed payout strategy and follow it without any delays to gain the loyalty of the sellers.

3. Help them in Uploading Inventory:

Various sellers find it difficult and exhausting in adding new products and maintaining inventory. You can assist them in adding new items to the Marketplace. Knowband’s OpenCart Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension, you can let your sellers easily list their products on your Marketplace without any hassle.

4. Educate the Vendors:

Most of the vendors or sellers are now aware of all the functionalities of the multi-seller Marketplace. Conduct training sessions and teach the sellers about how they can get the most out of it and how they can perform activities on Marketplace simply and quickly to save their time and efforts.

5. Offer a Support System to Customer:

Since your sellers manage the inventory and other important things on the Multi-Vendor Marketplace, you need to set up an efficient customer support system to listen to the queries and complaints of the customers and solve them. You also need to notify the customers about their order status, provide easy product returns, and try to enhance their shopping experience so that they can stick to your business for a longer period.

6. Run Deals and Offers:

Running promotional campaigns and offer attractive discounts helps you get more sales and new customers. On your multi-seller marketplace, you can offer attractive discounts on various holidays and special occasions, offer gift cards, coupons, and promo codes to encourage the visitors to purchase the products.

Creating a marketplace is not an easy task but you can do it without involving any coding efforts with the help of Knowband’s OpenCart Multi-Vendor Marketplace. With the above-mentioned strategies, you can get more sellers, sell more, and grow your Multi-Vendor Marketplace. You can also refer to the User Manual of the extension to get a better idea of its functionality.

In addition to the OpenCart platform, Knowband offers multi-seller marketplace solutions for platforms like PrestaShop, Magento2 and so on. To know in detail about the Marketplace module by Knowband, Email us at [email protected].

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