A brief understanding of the Prestashop eBay Integration Addon

With the highly functioning Prestashop eBay Integration Addon, Knowband provides e-merchants with a smooth multi-channel selling alternative. In fact, you may now sell your Prestashop store’s items on the renowned marketplace. Furthermore, there’s a lot more to the Prestashop eBay Integrator for sure. Additionally, to integrating the store with eBay, the marketer can do all the handling and management from the backend of the store itself.

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Knowband‘s Prestashop eBay API Integration Module simplifies store connectivity and management. Thus, sellers may offer their items to a bigger global consumer base, increasing the site’s overall income. Moreover, they have a gigantic audience as potential customers for the business. Doesn’t that sound amazing? In fact, the sellers get a ready-made platform with a built customer base to offer the products. There’s no need to build a platform or do the hard work. All you have to do is register, map the products, and start selling.

In this blog, we will take a look at the understanding of the eBay Prestashop API Integrator in brief. Starting from the working of the module to the key features it offers. Let us go forth and check them out.

How does Knowband’s eBay Prestashop Connector integrate eBay?

In your Prestashop store, install the eBay Prestashop Integrator. Further, create an eBay seller account. Connect the store to the seller’s account by inputting the information in the module’s backend. Furthermore, create the shipping choices you wish to provide your clients after the connection is complete. Last, execute cron to sync the same in the marketplace.

Features of the Prestashop eBay Integration Addon

Uploading products in bulk

The Prestashop plugin provides a massive one-click product upload. Inventory and associated information are maintained in bulk.

Options for cron

The addon’s cron job allows you to maintain the two stores in sync with each other. In fact, any change in inventory or product data updates on the marketplace simply by running cron in the backend.

Product administration

With the Prestashop eBay Integration Plugin, the admin may even delete or relist things.

Mapping of Categories

Prestashop eBay Integration Addon

The Prestashop eBay Integration Module allows for simple category mapping. Also, even the plugin’s profile-based listing simplifies attribute management.

Shipping on the Marketplace

Using the Prestashop eBay Integration Addon, the admin may add delivery methods for marketplace customers. Further, sellers might include both domestic and foreign shipping alternatives.

Order Completion

Prestashop eBay Integration Addon order status by knowband

The integration is provided via the Prestashop eBay synchronization addon. eBay orders are transferred to the business and handled in the same manner as any other order. Further, by performing in the backend of the integrator, the order status will automatically update at eBay.com.

Audit Logs

The Audit log report of the eBay Prestashop integrator is useful in tracking the numerous tasks running in the backend.

Inventory synchronization

Store owners can simply change the inventory of displayed items from the Prestashop admin panel.

Product listing status

Prestashop eBay Integration Addon shipping feature by knowband

The admin can readily import the product listing statuses from the eBay shop.

In the End

Thus, this is what you should know about the Prestashop plugin by Knowband. It is functional, beneficial, and extremely easy to handle. If you feel interested in this module, let us know at [email protected].

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