The Prestashop Return Manager is a Successful Module – Know More!

It is no secret that when customers buy products, there are times when customers want to return the products bought. Overseeing orders and satisfying customer’s requests is certifiably not a simple undertaking. Considering shopper rights in the EU, each eCommerce platform needs a simple return manager to keep up the records and addressing customer’s requirements.

EU has a strategy that a customer can request a return or refund for a flawed product within 14 days after purchase. As an eCommerce proprietor, it might sound monotonous and time taking. Try not to stress! The PrestaShop Return Manager Addon deals with all the capacities needed to cancel or place returns requests.

With extra highlights depicted underneath, this new form gives a user-friendly encounter to eCommerce store proprietors and customers. Having the Prestashop RMA on your website is a win for both you and your customers.

What’s new in the Prestashop return manager Extension?

Customer retention is a dealer’s need and this can be accomplished with customer satisfaction. PrestaShop Return Manager module accompanies a simple cancel request format with multiple returns and abrogation strategies for a customer. 

A) Permits partial or complete order replacement 

The online store admin would now be able to permit online customers to pick things from their orders for replacement. Online customers can even request for returning the entire order on the off chance that they need to do as such. They would now be able to pick all the products from the rundown. This builds the ease of use rate. 

B) The store admin can add Custom Field

This updated rendition of the Prestashop Order Return Manager Extension permits an online dealer to make custom fields. Online store proprietors can fabricate a few custom fields from the Prestashop Replacement Manager Module admin interface.

The store proprietor may set custom field block names, apply for approvals, and likewise set default validations (whenever required). The store admin can make as many fields as required. He/she can set a default worth and approval type as well. 

The Advantages of the PrestaShop Return Manager module for the Store Owners 

1. The Prestashop Order Return Manager Addon makes it simple to handle the returns of customers.

2. The PrestaShop RMA helps build customer faithfulness. 

3. The chance of accepting “Store Credits” for a flawed product assists with improving buyer maintenance. 

4. The product issues can be fixed by understanding the return reasons. Thanks to the feature where the admin can ask the reason for returning the product.

5. With the guide of the Prestashop Order Return Manager Module, the store admin will discover the specific issue in the product by giving customers the choice of uploading the image of damaged or defective products.

6. With 6 different email layouts, the work for the admin becomes easier.

7. With Prestashop Order Refund addon, by adding custom fields you can gather more information from the customer.

The Advantages of Prestashop Replacement Manager Addon for the Customers

1. A ‘Return’ button permits the current customer or guest customer to return or cancel the set order totally or partially.

2. The Prestashop Replacement Manager Module furnishes a simple cancel request format with credit, refund, and replacement choices. The customer can choose from the options and get the money back or get the product replaced.

3. By just uploading the photo of the damaged product, the customers can let the store owner know the exact problem.

4. The customer will receive an email at every stage of the return.

5. The customers can return part of the order or the entire order by simply selecting the choice.

6. Customers will have the alternative to cancel the order for a brief period. The customers need to go to the My Account >> Return Manager area to cancel the order. 

Helpful Features of the Prestashop Order Return Manager Addon 

1. The simple return request option 

Some other highlights make this addon more advantageous and user-friendly. It encourages the store owner to recognize the return reasons behind customers and allows you to raise a return request for the benefit of your customer. Because of a quick and compelling crossing out strategy, customers are bound to return to your platform. 

2. Pre-designed email templates

All around designed email templates arose as an alluring element. This pre-formatted email layout alternative gives the admin an issue-free involvement with the backend and straightforwardly sends an email to both the parties when the inquiry is raised and updates the customer at each phase of their solicitation. There are 6 diverse email layouts according to the necessities. 

3. Taking a look at the return requests at one spot

Dealing with an eCommerce store with fewer endeavors resembles a cherry on the cake and this stunning Prestashop addon does that. It causes you to deal with all the return requests in a single spot. You can discover pending return records, active return records, and canceled return records and this information can be sent out as a .csv document when required. 

4. Viable with GDPR Module

The Prestashop Order Return Manager Extension is consistent with GDPR. At the point when you are utilizing the GDPR module, both the customer and the admin will want to get to the information of the return request. Plus, the Customer can request the admin to eliminate individual information from their shop. 


The Prestashop order refund addon is a fascinating and supportive apparatus for the eCommerce store proprietor to deal with the return and cancel the requests at the backend. A problem-free return strategy pulls in purchasers and gains the customer’s trust. Available at the Addons store, you check out the module for your website’s success.

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