Benefits Of OpenCart Exit Popup Making It Unique From Others

The best way of collecting data and enticing the visitors with offers when they are leaving the store is exit popups. The reason for leaving your e-commerce store without completing an order is not one. The reason might be interruption caused as they might not be ready for online shopping. Otherwise, it could be that they couldn’t find their desired products on the store, clients will bounce back. Therefore, we recommend the Opencart Exit Popup. Opencart Exit Popup extension can easily hold them back on your eCommerce store. Using subscription popup correctly for your store can lead to better conversion rates.

OpenCart Email Subscription popup module offers small but impactful opportunities to hold clients i.e. by offering them discount offers. Hence, the OpenCart Responsive popup module is the ideal approach to create a sense of urgency among the visitors.

Opencart Exit Popup Extension displays an interactive subscription every time the customer intends to exit. The extension curbs the exit rate of the site and compels them to return to the store.

Features Offered By OpenCart Newsletter Subscription popup Extension

  1. Each time the visitor tends to exit the website Opencart Exit Popup extension (fully customizable module) shows a discount offer.
  2. The OpenCart subscription popup module comes with an admin-friendly interface. Thus, it allows the store admin to customize the exit popup as per the needs of the business.
  3. The OpenCart module comes with email recheck functionality which ensures that no same email offers discount vouchers twice.
  4. OpenCart module allows the store admin to set the desired title, and discount information for an exit popup.
  5. OpenCart Responsive Popup Module allows you to set a popup display interval. Further, after which the popup displays to the same user.
  6. The OpenCart extension can set a CMS page for redirecting clients. They are redirected as soon as they click on the conditions of use option over exit popup.
  7. For improving front-end OpenCart Responsive popup module offers an option of including custom CSS code.
  8. With the module, the admin can choose where whom and when to display an exit-intent popup to the site customers.

Benefits Offered To Store Admin By OpenCart Exit-Intent popup module

  1. The OpenCart Exit Intent popup module traces the mouse movement. Hence, timely compels them to return to the store.
  2. For improving website subscriptions and building up the revenues, the OpenCart Responsive popup module is the correct option.
  3. Reduces the bounce rates and the number of abandoned carts of the store.
  4. The extension captures the email data of the customer. This is beneficial for future marketing campaigns.
  5. OpenCart Email Subscription popup module is customizable and is installed in the eCommerce store without technical coding knowledge.

Benefits Offered To Customers By Email Subscription Popup Extension

  1. Email Subscription Popup Extension allows clients to avail themselves of the exit popup offers. In addition, get discount coupon codes for their future shopping. As soon as they signup for the newsletter subscription popup, they receive daily or weekly updates from the store.


The OpenCart Responsive popup module is full of features that will enhance the functionality of the eCommerce store. Knowband is a leading name popular for providing OpenCart Plugin Development services to store merchants. The extension is a perfect addition to your store for decreased bounce rate. In addition, it increases sales and conversions as well.

Admin Demo

Front Demo


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