The benefits of the OpenCart Block User extension

Has your website been frequently harmed in light of spambots? The bothersome website traffic from robots, spiders, crawlers, and spamming bots may maintain a strategic distance from the thought of the store every so often. Anyway, it may cost them throughout the range of time. Indeed, OpenCart doesn’t offer a default strategy to keep the spambots away from the website. On the contrary, OpenCart offers a completely utilitarian module that will accomplish the work for you and block the bots. It is called the OpenCart Block User extension.

The OpenCart block user/bot by IP, country or user agent module assists with forbidding the undesirable traffic from spambots and users. Google ReCaptcha included in the OpenCart spam blocker module gives panddermission only to humans on the website. In addition, if you feel that there is a particular country that isn’t valuable for your web – store. Also, if you would prefer not to run your store in that country, you can without much of a stretch, block the country. You can do all this with the assistance of the OpenCart Block User extension.

This blog talks about the benefits that the OpenCart Block Bot module has for the store admin. Go ahead and check them out. If you want to check out how the OpenCart extension works, click here.

Benefits of the OpenCart Block User/bot by IP, Country or User Agent

1. An easy way of keeping the spambots away

This OpenCart Block User/bot by IP offers a simple method to protect your website from spammers and unessential users.

2. OpenCart block User by Ip helps drives quality traffic

The store admin would now be able to drive quality traffic to their eCommerce store. How? They can do it by blocking spam visitors because of the OpenCart Block User extension.

3. Keeps the store safe by blocking dubious exercises

The store admin can protect their OpenCart store from unsafe and pernicious assaults by blocking dubious exercises using this OpenCart Block User/bot by country.

4. Entry to only human entities

The changed blocking choices ensure that certified customers are allowed on the site.

5. A customer can demand its entry to the store

Any customer can demand to give him admittance to the website. The administrator can see ask for and give them the entrance as need be from the back-end of the OpenCart Block User/bot by User Agent.

In the End

With the help of the OpenCart Ip Spam Blocker extension from Knowband, the store merchants can easily barricade their eCommerce stores from spamming entities. This is a small module but is of great worth and every store owner should consider having it on his OpenCart store.

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