How to lower the Cart Abandonment Rate of your store?

A typical frustration among traders who sell online using a shopping cart is the level of individuals who abandon their cart and exit the website never to return. This is the shopping cart abandonment rate. It isn’t unfathomable for organizations to encounter as high as a 99% abandonment rate. Getting the abandonment rate leveled out can go far towards expanding the pay your organization acquires from their online endeavor.

There are eCommerce stores that install the Abandoned Cart Extension in their stores to reduce cart abandonment. Whether you have a Prestashop store, OpenCart, Magento, or Magento 2 platform, you can have the Abandoned Cart Module installed in your store for reduced cart abandonment.

Though there are other ways also to lower the cart abandonment rate of your eCommerce store. This blog talks about them below.

Ways to lower the Abandoned Cart rate on your store

Try not to make them register until there’s a need

A typical grievance among online customers is the disturbance and attack of protection they feel when they need to enroll for another record before they can even use the shopping cart. In the event that individuals need to impart their information to you before they even know whether they need to purchase from you, they’ll frequently click exit never to return. At whatever point conceivable, get them to enroll after they realize how much something will cost them including shipping. This will assist them with having a positive outlook on your organization and will bring about more sales.

Make it simple for your prospect to discover the amount it will cost them

Numerous individuals will use your shopping cart to cost out what your product will cost them in the wake of shipping. On an eCommerce store, everybody realizes that a substantial product delivers. Realizing this, the main expense individuals are consistently hesitant to spend is shipping. Individuals need to know the last value they will pay to get it to their entryway. In the event that this cost is sensible to them, just will they go through the difficulty of enlisting for an account.

High shipping costs

Nearly any individual who has purchased a product from an eCommerce store has run into an organization that was charging a high rate for shipping. Do all that you can to keep your shipping costs as low as they can be. Search for a decent rate. Attempt to incorporate the Prestashop Shipping Cost by Zipcode that will handle your shipping highlighted on your website. Make it simple for your customers to discover it.

Keep the number of steps they need to take at least

Many shopping carts take individuals through four, five, or six stages before they can conclude their purchase. Each additional step that forces individuals to take in your shopping cart framework is one more possibility they need to abandon the shopping cart. Gather however much information as you need in a couple of steps as it is sensible for you to take. This will urge fewer individuals to click exit.

Downplay outbound links

Try not to give your possibilities a simple method to leave the shopping cart process. Forcing them to tap the back button will at any rate put forth a greater amount of an attempt for them to click away. Individuals can sometimes think again that an additional link on your website may support it. For this explanation, keep any links on your order pages to just the most essential.


By and large, on the off chance that you approach your possibilities with deference, make it simple for them to discover the information they need, and smooth out your checkout cycle to make it simple for your possibilities to purchase from you, you’ll prevail at getting more cash and bringing down your shopping cart abandonment rate. Having the Abandoned Cart Emails extension on your eCommerce store will surely lower the cart abandonment rate on your online store. You can also read this blog on abandoned cart recovery strategies.

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