With OpenCart One Page Checkout reducing Cart Abandonment Rate is possible

Being an eCommerce store owner, odds are high to search for the most ideal approaches to improve the shopping process and the conversion rate. Probably the most ideal approach to upgrade the shopping experience of the clients and improve conversion rate. If your checkout process is unbending and tedious, at that point there are more possibilities for the clients to leave the site without completing the purchase. OpenCart One Page Checkout extension simplifies the checkout process hence switch to, from your default checkout to One Page Checkout.

Knowband’s OpenCart One Page Checkout extension makes your checkout quicker, smoother, and simpler for your online clients and provides them a better checkout experience, and gives them a superior checkout experience. The extension reduces the time and effort of the clients and helps in increasing more conversions for your online store. OpenCart One Page Checkout reduce the cart abandonment rate and enhances the conversion rate for your online store.

Features of the OpenCart Single Page Checkout extension:

1. The extension permits the clients to allow customers to create a new account, sign in to their existing accounts, or submit the order as guest clients. The clients can pick any from these choices and submit their orders.

2. The extension, you can browse from 3 different templates design of your checkout page. The extension offers a 1-column, 2-columns, and 3-columns design layout.

3. The Knowband’s OpenCart One Page Checkout Pro extension permits your clients to sign in through well-known social media accounts including Google and Facebook in a few clicks.

4. The admin can undoubtedly customize and manage the checkout fields from the back-end of the extension. The extension lets store merchants show/hide or makes the fields required or discretionary for the clients.

5. The OpenCart One Page Checkout extension is great for newcomers as it’s easy to integrate into your eCommerce store. It requires no advanced coding efforts.

6. This extension support shipping and payment methods and permits the clients to browse from a variety of choices.

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