Essential Tips For Developing eCommerce Mobile App In 2021

According to the current research & statistics, around 85% of smartphone users use mobile apps instead of mobile websites. If we talk about the current situation almost half of the eCommerce store sales are done using eCommerce mobile apps and still many store owners doesn’t have a native app for eCommerce store.

Hence, taking your online business to the mobile platform is the only way to generate more sales and revenue in 2021. It is now the correct time to launch a shopping app for the eCommerce business to increase the mobile audience.

The eCommerce Mobile App Builder converts your eCommerce website into Android and iOS apps with no technical or coding knowledge requirement. The entire data and website inventory of the eCommerce website get synchronized with Android and iOS apps in real-time. Both mobile apps also provide a seamless shopping experience to users.

Knowband is a very popular eCommerce plugin provider and helps the store admin to convert the eCommerce website into Android iOS apps. The store admin just has to purchase the module and share the required details to launch the app. If you’re a PrestaShop, OpenCart, Magento 2, or WooCommerce store owner, Mobile App Builder is the perfect solution for you.

PrestaShop Mobile App Builder Module

OpenCart Mobile App Builder Extension

WooCommerce Mobile App Builder Extension

Magento 2 Mobile App Builder Extension

Now, let’s see how you can launch a perfect pair of featured shopping apps using the above modules. We have listed down many tips with features in your mobile app for eCommerce. One should consider all these before launching mobile apps:

1. Provide Easy Customization and White Label Apps-

The user interface is the most important aspect that should be considered while developing an eCommerce mobile app. It is very much important for the store admin to provide a good interface to the customers in order to retain them and improve conversions. An effective user interface can easily be created by using the Mobile App Builder extension.

The store admin can get all the customization benefits like adding or selecting attractive banners, images, sliders with simple attribute configuration. The store admin can create the whole homepage layout of the shopping app with just a few clicks and a drag-drop option. The eCommerce merchant can also use intuitive colors and fonts according to the seasonal, occasional, and festival requirements.

It is also important for the store admin to launch the eCommerce mobile app under its brand name because it helps in increasing the brand identity. The store admin can launch the mobile apps under their brand name and change the app name, logo, splash screen, etc. from the admin panel of the extension.

2. Provide Quick Login and Checkout Options-

Customers can feel very irritated by filling in the same or unnecessary information again and again. And they can end up leaving the Android app without making any purchase. The Mobile app Creator consists of an easy login and checkout option. The user can go for email or social media login (Facebook and Google). The mobile app for eCommerce also allows customers to share the products over social media for better organic promotions and purchases.

Unnecessary details in the checkout option can also affect the revenue sales of your iOS apps. It can also increase the cart abandonment rate and make you suffer from losses. Users just want to fill up the required information in the native app for eCommerce while checking out and enjoy easy purchase benefits by adding some coupons and discount codes.

3. Supports all Product type and devices-

Products come in various shapes and sizes, bundled or group, single, etc. It is important for the store merchant to have an eCommerce mobile app that supports all types of products. The mobile app supports all product types and allows the store admin to easily add and manage them all.

TheMobile App Builder supports all the devices whether it is Android, tablet, iPhone, or iPad. The eCommerce app conveniently fits into all screen sizes and comes with an interactive user interface that makes the shopping app runs smoothly and seamlessly.

4. Provide Real-time Synchronization & Push Notifications-

Managing an eCommerce store is such a difficult task and it becomes very time-consuming and difficult to manage the product inventory and data in two places. TheMobile App Maker allows the store admin to perform the changes in Android and iOS apps from the website back office. The store admin can also make the changes even if the app is live without the need for manual interventions.

Updating customers timely will helps store admin to retain more and gain their trust. The Mobile app creator consists of a push notification feature that sends notifications to the customers about the current discounts, offers, and updates. This Android & iOS app helps the store admin to drive more traffic to the eCommerce mobile app and increase engagement. The mobile app allows the store admin to send manual and automatic notifications to mobile app users.

5. Provides Multilingual Support –

Targeting customers from different regions and countries are difficult because they prefer their own native languages. The mobile app for eCommerce consists of all languages available in the Android and iOS apps including the languages like RTL.

The store admin can also add more languages in the Android app according to the target region and customer requirements. The customers only have to select the desired language and the mobile app gets automatically translated.

6. Provide Multiple Payment and Shipping Options-

This Commerce mobile app provides transaction ease and improves customer loyalty. The eCommerce Mobile App Maker supports all payment and shipping options available on the eCommerce website. The store admin can also integrate more payment and shipping options.

The customers can choose the desired payment and shipping options while checking out in the native app for eCommerce. It helps in providing a convenient shopping experience.

7. Provide 24*7 Customer Support-

Gaining the trust of the customer can help the store admin to retain them for a longer period of time. The Mobile App Builder consists of 24*7 customer support and resolves the queries and the issue of the customers via inbuilt WhatsApp & Zopim chat options. The feature allows the store admin to resolve the issue and queries in no or very little time in the native app for eCommerce.


In this blog, we have discussed several tips with its benefits and features that give you sufficient reason to opt for Mobile App Maker. The Mobile app Creator by Knowband consists of all the above-mentioned tips to improve the sales and the traffic of the mobile app. Connect with us on email at [email protected]

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