Launching Mobile Shopping App for OpenCart eCommerce Store is easier than ever

When it comes to offering eCommerce Mobile Apps for an online OpenCart store, the very first thing that comes in mind is coding. This is true but not needed anymore for OpenCart store owners.

In this write-up, we will describe various kinds of shopping apps builder that are popular in the eCommerce landscape as “NO CODE MOBILE APP BUILDER”. Also, we will cover how different types of OpenCart Mobile Apps can be launched in just 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Purchase extension and install it in the store.

Step 2: Fill pre-requisite details and submit details.

Step 3: Review the final app and confirm to publish

Types of OpenCart Mobile Shopping Apps:

Two very commonly used mobile apps are Native (Android & iOS) & Progressive Web apps. While native apps are published on Google Play and Apple App store, progressive web apps can be installed just by opening the URL in a mobile browser.

Hence, whenever the user visits a PWA active mobile website, they get to download the PWA Mobile App just by tapping the “Add To Cart button”.

Ways To Easily Build & Launch OpenCart Mobile Apps:

Readymade extensions are lifesavers for eCommerce store owners for a hassle-free app launch. The OpenCart Mobile App Builder extensions developed by KnowBand comes with a readymade framework to get the job done:

These extensions allow the store admin to build and launch an OpenCart Mobile app with just a few clicks. These ready-made app maker extensions make full-fledged OpenCart Mobile Apps taking care of the user-end features along with admin panel settings.

The store owners get extended customization/configuration control without any need for coding.

Nowadays, almost every eCommerce store has its native app and their PWA apps live simultaneously. This way, the store gets to reach all possible target audiences with little to no efforts.

OpenCart store owners can use the native app builder extension to launch their Android & iOS Apps along with the OpenCart PWA Builder extension to launch their OpenCart PWA.

Compatibility with Multi-vendor Marketplace:

E-Commerce Marketplaces usually have a store owner who monitors & manages all of the sellers in the e-store. A marketplace mobile app does wonders for any eCommerce store because app users get way better shopping experience on a mobile app than the website.

Both Native and PWA apps are compatible with KnowBand Multi-vendor marketplace module. In simple words, if you are using both the mobile app and multi-vendor marketplace, sellers can be displayed on the same app.

Although seller management will be only done from the web module, yet the seller listing, products, etc. will be on the app for front-end mobile shopper browse and purchase.

Check: OpenCart Advanced Marketplace Mobile App (Multi-vendor Apps)

Top Features of Extension and Apps:

Let’s go through the major highlights of these OpenCart Mobile App Builder extensions-

1. Live Synchronization:

The OpenCart Mobile App always remain in real-time synchronization with their website. This way, the admin gets to utilize the benefits of automatic inventory management.

2. Friendly Admin Panel:

The admin panel of the OpenCart app maker extension is what allows the store admin to add the app logo, app name, splash screen, theme, background, fonts, etc. on the app. This admin panel also offers other configurable options like push notification management, redesigning of the homepage layout, & others.

3. Unlimited Push Notifications:

Store admin can send custom and personalized push notifications to app users without having to worry about any limitations. The push notifications template can be configured before sending it to mobile apps.

4. Multi-lingual & Multi-currency Support:

The OpenCart Mobile Apps, built using the OpenCart app creator extensions, support multiple international languages (including Arabic) and currencies. This helps the eCommerce firm to easily go global or local as per their business plan.

5. Marketplace Admin Panel:

The Marketplace admin panel enables the store owners to keep a good eye on all of their approved sellers/ vendors in a very systematic fashion. Admins can set the commission rate for the sellers, approve/ disapprove new category requests submitted by the sellers, and approve/ disapprove reviews submitted by the app users & a lot more.

The store owners also get to sell their products in their stores.

6. Marketplace Vendor Panel:

From the user end of the marketplace website and app, potential vendors can send a request to become a vendor. Upon the approval of the admin, sellers/ vendors are assigned their vendor panel on which they get to list their products, add a product description, prices, etc & then start selling their products & managing their orders.

In the OpenCart Mobile Apps, a lot more usual features are available like-

–      Social login & sharing options

–      WhatsApp & Zopim chat support

–      All Payment and Shipping methods

–      Related products

–      Product Ratings & Reviews

–      One page checkout

–      Offline mode

& a dozen more features.

M-Commerce has taken over eCommerce now. Stay trendy in the market & stay ahead of your competitors. Launch your OpenCart Apps today. The above discussed OpenCart Mobile App extensions are amazing and ready-to-use tools for that. We offer Mobile app extensions for other platforms like PrestaShop, Magento 2 and so on. Similarly, Knowband also provides Progressive Web App plugins, for different platforms including Magento 2, WooCoomerce and so on. Email us at [email protected] for any queries or assistance.

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