The Spin Win Module Benefits for Online Websites

Have you ever thought that your popup advertising fails to draw enough website users’ attention? Because the prospects have a chance to win, discount wheel popups are the least ignored popup type.

By providing something valuable, such as free shipping, a free ebook, a discount coupon code, etc., you may develop appealing popup designs that genuinely turn casual browsers into potential customers. But hold on, we’ll get to that.

The Spin Win Module Benefits for Online Websites

Keeping up with current events and keeping up with hot trends is essential in the competitive eCommerce sector. The greatest method to gain an advantage is to appeal to the psychology of users and offer them a concept rather than a commodity. One trend that has paid off for many industry players is the spin-and-win competition. One such add-on that can help increase conversions is the Prestashop Spin and Win Module.

Let’s start by defining what a wheel popup is, then go over how to design stunning wheel popups.


What are Spin and Win?

The subscription forms that visitors can interact with are found in wheel popups. All they have to do to win a prize is fill out the form field and spin the wheel.

Simple discount codes in exchange for contact details don’t always work for visitors. Even when it works, subscribers frequently fail to use the discount, so you’ll never hear from them again. Because of this, you ought to incorporate the idea of gamification into your digital marketing initiatives. Gamification refers to the usage of game elements in non-gaming contexts.

Wheel popup campaigns have a user engagement rate of between 5 and 20 percent, compared to typical popup designs’ conversion rate of 3.5 percent.

How do I Make a Spin and Win Popup Engaging?

Discount popups have a lot of power! If you use best practices, they’d be more compelling. I’ve listed four strategies below that will improve your conversion rates.

Popups for the Display Wheel with Exit-Intent Trigger:

According to a survey of 400 participants, 82 percent of them detest pop-up ads because they display as soon as a website loads.

Exit-intent popups function rationally: 

Customer’s engagement rate would be lower if they tried to gather the email addresses of website visitors or try to offer them your items before they had a chance to learn about your business.

By displaying the wheel popup on exit-intent: 

You can reduce visitor resentment and increase conversions using the gamification notion.

Default Wheel Popup Templates Should Not Be Used:

Designing your wheel popup is crucial because it will affect how your business is perceived.  because marketers use strong marketing strategies to generate lucrative revenue for the online business.

The standard wheel popup layouts used by well-known popup providers are becoming familiar to website visitors. Unique designs will consequently attract users’ attention.

Even so, it is simple to personalize the wheel. Without having any coding experience, you can create a completely customized popup campaign using Popupsmart in 5 minutes.

Avoid Subscribers Who Are Mostly Concerned with Prizes:

Because some people will only fill out the form to enter to win the prize, you need to be extremely careful with your form data. They might not read your newsletters and might even report your emails as spam.

What happens next? Your email deliverability will suffer, and your spam rate will rise as a result.

Regularly purge your email list to avoid the trap: Use the double opt-in strategy to get more subscribers to your email list, and remove people from it who haven’t opened your emails several times.

Utilize an anti-spam program:

Spin-to-win popups are simple to cheat on for website visitors. They can manipulate the wheel code to land on the desired item or clear their browser’s cookies to make the wheel spin once more. The vulnerability exists in all third-party scripts; thus, it may not be your popup provider’s fault. Therefore, I advise using a program like Recaptcha that has anti-spam security built in.


Keeping customers engaged for a longer period is the best approach to increase conversions and revenue. Prestashop Spin and Win Module by Knowband are one of the most alluring ways to lower the exit rate and entice customers to the checkout page, in contrast to the traditional exit pop-ups, which are generally regarded as annoying. For various occasions, you can use numerous themes. Voila, this module can help you stay one step ahead of your rivals.

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